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Read Manga Online My Sweet Tyrant Season 2 Discussion Plot Release Date

My Sweet Tyrant / Akkun to Kanojo a chill romcom Anime series last released in 2018, will it come to the come back to the screens or it’s fate will be stopped by red lights. Let’s get into it right away!!

My Sweet Tyrant Season 2 / Akkun to Kanojo : A glimpse into it’s manga series

Waka Kakitsubata Wrote and illustrated this manga comic. A Sweet Tyrant is better known as Akkun to Kanojo. It basically means “Akkun and His Girlfriend”. We get an idea that this revolves around this romcom duo Akkun and Nontan.

My Sweet Tyrant Season 2 Discussion Plot Release Date

The anime adaption of this series was adapted and it premiered on 6th April 2018. Till date only 8 volumes have been published. The last it had been published was in June 27, 2018 and there are no updates about new volume being released anytime soon.

My Sweet Tyrant Season 2 / Akkun to Kanojo : Cast / Characters

Akkun :

Voiced by: Tatsuhisa Suzuki

Real Name: Kagari Atsuhiro

Character sketch : He is a Tsundere and someone who feels embarrassed to show his affection or be sentimental upfront. He loves his girlfriend very much and calls her nontan at the sametime being distant.


Voiced by: Aoi Yūki in drama CD)

Ayaka Suwa in anime

Real name: Katagiri Non

Character sketch: She is what people call a Deredere. She is upfront about showing her kindness and love towards Akkun. Although she has no idea that he stalks her, she likes him despite being reciprocated by cold, odd actions from her boyfriend.

My Sweet Tyrant Season 2 Discussion Plot Release Date

Matsuo Masago and Kagari Chiho :

Chiho is voiced by Maaya Uchida in drama CD and by Arisa Kōri in anime, Masago is voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto in drama CD and by Keisuke Ueda in anime Matsuo is an otaku who plays a heck lot of gal games with Akkun. Chiho has both the sides i.e, Tsundere and Deredere. She shows her Dere side to Nontan and Tsun side to Masago.

Kubomura Takumi and Irie Konagi :

Konagi is voiced by Hikaru Kayou in anime. Takumi is voiced by Wataru Hatano in anime. Well they are really a fun duo with “Crushes” in the air. He is a very serious and conscious man whereas she is airhead and fully optimist.

A Sweet Tyrant / Akkun to Kanojo : Season 1 episodes and Plot


Episode 1: The Boyfriend’s True Nature
Episode 2: The Girlfriend That is Used to it.
Episode 3: Number of Chews
Episode 4: The Beginning of All
Episode 5: Under One Umbrella
Episode 6: Partens
Episode 7: Irie
Episode 8: His Study Method
Episode 9: Matsuo and Chiho
Episode 10: Beach Time
Episode 11: Festival Night
Episode 12: Apple Candy Hammer
Episode 13: Reminiscences
Episode 14: Halloween
Episode 15: Desire, Insensibility, Supremacy
Episode 16: Matsuo’s Counterplan
Episode 17: Akkun’s Sleepover
Episode 18: Christmas
Episode 19: Happy New Year
Episode 20: Clean-up Activities
Episode 21: Straight forward words
Episode 22: Start Line
Episode 23: Onion Doll
Episode 24: I hate
Episode 25: Akkun to Kanojo

My Sweet Tyrant Season 2 Discussion Plot Release Date


Akkun is pretty hesitant when it comes to express his feels. In order to make sure he doesn’t come off as a sentimental person, he acts rude and aloof to her. Nontan yet sticks with him through that and it gives him a space to get open with her, improve his actions, and treat her better.

A Sweet Tyrant / Akkun to Kanojo :Will there be a My Sweet Tyrant Season 2?

Studio Yumeta Company were the ones who animated the first season. Season 1 had 25 episodes with each of them running for approx. 4 minutes. The anime created a sweet spot in it’s manga readers since the TV series was well received by them especially considering it’s run time.

My Sweet Tyrant Season 2 Discussion Plot Release Date

As much as we know, the first episode of A Sweet Tyrant did comparatively and had covered much of the content which had already been published. Since the series stopped being published in 2018, there is less to no content out there. But at the same time we can consider it’s episode and fanbase, we can Yumeta company to add their own plot or fanfics to give it a final proper ending. Well, better if it gets renewed for more anyway.

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