Martial Peak also known as Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng. Which had it’s new chapter released recently. Now, the lovers are waiting for the next one to arrive soon.

We will tell you that  when the Martial Peak Chapter 1390 will release with some spoilers. Without wasting your precious time let’s start quickly.

Martial Peak Chapter 1390

Recap: Martial Peak Chapter 1389

The path to the Martial Peak is remote and elongated. Aspect of difficulty, and surviving the journey to become the toughest it’s the main objective behind.

High Heaven Pavilion is center to assess the painful journey filled with discipline. Kai Yang achieved a black book and walks his way to martial peak.


Yang Kai.Hu Jior er, Meng Wu Ya, Su Mu, Ling Tai Xu, Shang Qing Luo, Qui Yi Meng, Yang Yan, Bi Luo, Hu Mier, Xia Ning Chang, Lin Yuer, Zhang Ruo Zi, Mo Xio Qi, Xue Yue, Zhu Qing, Yu Ru Meng, Lan Xun, Bian Yu Qing.

What will happen in Martial Peak Chapter 1390

Previous chapter was named as ‘Aren’t You Going To Run’. This chapter will named as ‘Fusion’. The novel has 5000 chapter but the manga translation takes time till now 1389 chapters are published.

In Martial Peak Chapter 1390, the fusion between the crocodile king and Kai .Are you excited to see what will happen in the fight? Will he be ble to defeat him? The answer is yes.

Martial Peak Chapter 1390 Release Date

No official release date is yet announced due to lack of translators to translate the novel. But, don’t worry we surely suggest that you will get to see it in few days.

Where to Read It Online?

You can read it on variety of platforms,

Stay with EveDonusFilms for latest updates.


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