Read Manga Online Kingdom Chapter 692 Release Date, Raw Scans and Everything you need to know

Kingdom Chapter 692 is set to release soon this week. Gaining huge fandom from previous years, Fans are always curious about what will happen. Get to know everything you need to know for the preparation of the next chapter along with knowing the release date and raw scans status.

Kingdom Chapter 692

The kingdom is a Japanese manga series. The manga series was written and art by Yasuhisa Hara. The manga has been released by Shueisha‘s Seinen Manga magazine which is Weekly Young Jump. It has been publishing since January 2006 and on whole has collected 62 volumes till July 2021.

Kingdom: Plot

Kingdom Chapter 692

The manga can be explained as fictionalized version of the Warring States period which is mostly through the experience of the war orphan know as Xin and also his comrades. He fights his way to become the greatest general under heaven. He unifies China for the first time in 500 years.

Xin and Piao are War orphans who work as servants in a poor village of the kingdom Qin. They both have dreams of becoming the Great Generals of Heavens and train daily to fulfill it. Piao is taken into the palace for an unknown reason and returns back being on the verge of death.

Kingdom Chapter 692

Xin meets an identical person to Piao who is the King of the Qin. This is Xin gets to know that Piao played as a body double for the king. Qin starts his life as a soldier to fulfill his dream. The manga follows the journey.

Kingdom Chapter 692: Release Date

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Kingdom Chapter 692 is set to release on September 13, 2021. Raws scans are not yet available. The scans are expected to release 3-4 prior to the release date. Always be on the lookout for the release of these raw scans

Where to Read Kingdom Chapter 692?

Kingdom Chapter 692

Kingdom Chapter 692 can be found online in English on Mangatone. Kingdom Chapter 692 or any episodes are not official released in English yet. So we suggest you to wait for their authorized release for their help.

Stay with Evednousfilm for further updates.

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