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With the much-needed, the next match is the most decisive one as the scores are level again. who will be the fighters and how will the fight will unfold is the tensest situation. what will the  Kengan Omega Chapter 120 show?

Like in the previous chapters, the new chapter will continue with the Kengan Association vs. Purgatory tournament. The manga was written by Sandrovich Yabago with the art by Daromeon. Now the fight between Ohkubo and Terashi is over, we curiously wait for the next fighters.

 Kengan Omega Chapter 120

Kengan Omega Chapter 120 Spolier?


In the Kengan Omega chapter 119, the back story of Terashi involves him completing a mission because of which he tries to finish the match against Ohkubo quickly. the mission is revealed in chapter 118 which is to assassinate Nicolas le Banner.

 Kengan Omega Chapter 120

To finish the match early Terashi uses his unique eye technique, but it turns out to be no use against Ohkubo. Ohkubo keeps knocking Terashi down so much that he thinks of forfeiting the match.

At last, Ohkubo wins the match by tackling down Terashi to the floor. Terashi tries to hit back but Ohkubo is swift to dodge the hit and proceeded to lock and twist Terashi’s body to a submissive position. Ohkubo tells him that this is true martial arts.

There are not many spoilers but it is told that the next fight is between Lolong Domaire who is possible Puragotory’s strongest fighter and Wakatsuki Takeshi from Kengan Association.

When will Kengan Omega Chapter 120 release?

Kengan Omega is scheduled to release every week, the English chapters are expected to release on Thursday which is August 5, 2021.

 Kengan Omega Chapter 120

The raw scans are released a day earlier around the timing of 10:30 am EST, the English version is released after 24 hours. The scans will be frequently available 1-2 days before the release so don’t forget to check the internet.

Where to read  Kengan Omega Chapter 120?

Kengan Omega manga is published under Kodansha comics, so there is no official way to read the books. But we can find the manga online on Kodansha comics and also Amazon kindle. The raw scans are shared in various manga/anime sites and also youtube, but we encourage to read from an official source.

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