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Hardcore Leveling Warrior is a well-known webtoon in today’s era. From the past few days, fans are highly anticipating Hardcore Leveling Warrior Chapter 295. #hclw

What is the max level in Hardcore Leveling Warrior?

The protegaonist of Hardcore Leveling Warrior Chapter 295 also includes the Strength stat represents the character’s power. The higher a character’s strength stat, the more physical damage they can inflict. Strength also determines how much weight a character can carry. Some items in Lucid Adventure, such as The Sword of Honor, require a certain power level to move.

A character’s maximum strength stat without using any skills to boost their stats is 999. Hardcore Leveling Warrior and Lu Bu are the only two characters who have full strength. Hardcore Leveling Warrior currently has a strength stat of 988, while Lu Bu’s is set to 999. Lu Bu has demonstrated the most strength in the series thus far, with 1350.

hardcore leveling warrior chapter 295

What happened to hardcore levelling?

Before the Hardcore Leveling Warrior Chapter 295 come, we want to inform you that Hardcore Leveling Warrior is killed, and his subconscious is returned to reality. The soul of Han Gun-Jae in The Subconscious World prevents his subconscious from reaching the real world. Han Gun-Jae describes the Subconscious World to the befuddled Hardcore Leveling Warrior. God of Combat enters the subconscious realm and apologises to Hardcore Leveling Warrior for failing to stop his death. God of Combat gives Hardcore Leveling Warrior the option of immediately returning to Lucid Adventure by eating the mushroom in his hand or returning to the real world to improve his chances of survival. Hardcore Leveling Warrior realises Chairman Kim is still alive and returns to the game, cursing his luck.

Hardcore Leveling Warrior grabs the mushroom from God of Combat’s hand and declares that he will win the finals and return to the real world as soon as possible. He returns to Lucid Adventure, his level having been reset to level 1. Team Dark is told they have one minute until the final. Hardcore Leveling Warrior informs the concerned Dark that he has a plan but requests that his armour be removed because it is now too heavy for him, and the rest story goes on. Watch Hardcore Leveling Warrior Chapter 295 to know more about the series.

hardcore leveling warrior chapter 295

Is Hardcore Leveling Warrior an anime?

Hardcore Leveling Warrior is a highly long-running action series webtoon running since 2016 and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Hardcore Leveling Warrior Chapter 295, which is the next chapter is also going to be released soon. The story follows Gong Won-Ho, who goes by the alias Hardcore Leveling Warrior in the Lucid Adventure game world, only accessible while sleeping.

The guy is ranked one, but he is knocked all the way down to the bottom without any gear or levels, and he must work his way back up, making friends and discovering new things along the way. Compared to other isekai series like Survive As The Heroes Wife or Sword Art Online, the HLW is likely to become equally popular if given the proper budget and time.

hardcore leveling warrior chapter 295

Does Hardcore Leveling Warrior have romance?

The protagonist of Hardcore Leveling Warrior Chapter 295 has a romantic side as well. A year before the start of the series, Hardcore Leveling Warrior first met Sora. He saved her from a Nightmare attack and advised her to strengthen herself. He made an indelible impression on her and is the driving force behind her desire to grow stronger. To show her admiration for him, she refers to him as Hardcore Leveling Warrior-nim. Sora saved him after his level was reset, and Heart Heater and Rim were harassing him. She claimed he was a precious person to her. Hardcore Leveling Warrior had no idea who she was and played along because he was afraid she would kill him. He thinks she’s a friendly kid.

Hardcore Leveling Warrior invited Sora to join their party to boost its strength. At first, he saw her as a means to an end, using her strategically as the tank because she was at a much higher level than both himself and Dark, but he has since come to regard her as a trusted colleague and one of his own. Sora still looks up to him and is constantly complimenting him, thereby boosting his ego. They have never disagreed since the beginning of the series and get along exceptionally well. Although novelist Han suggests that Sora has romantic feelings for him, Hardcore Leveling Warrior dismisses this.

hardcore leveling warrior chapter 295

Where To Read Hardcore Levelling Warrior chapter 295

You can read the Hardcore Levelling Warrior chapter 295 on Mangadex, Manhuascaw, Raw Manga and many other websites.

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