Read Manga Online Hanako-Kun Chapter 81 Cast, Spoiler and Everything You Need To Know

Japanese manga series by AidaIro, Hanako-Kun or Toilet-Bound Hanako Kun is a funny supernatural story of human life, supernatural life, and the rumours of those supernatural beings.

Nene Yashir, our protagonist from the story summons the seventh wonder from the rumours in order to get her wish granted. This is when Hanako-San of the toilet appears. In the process to get her wish granted, Nene becomes bound to the spirit as his assistant and hence the adventures follow.

Cast of Hanako-Kun Chapter 81

Nene Yashiro is voiced by Akari Kitō, Hanako-kun by Megumi Ogata, Kou Minamoto lends voice to Shōya Chiba and Sōsuke Mitsuba to Daiki Kobayashi. The voice artists play a big role in shaping the characters’ in our visions.

Hanako-Kun Chapter 81 Release date

Chapter 81 of the manga was released digitally on 8th of August 2021. It is a monthly series and a new episode is released on 18th of every month on GFantasy magazine. Since the chapter is released in the magazine, leaks are almost impossible

Read Hanako-Kun Chapter 81 online

To read the Manga online there are two official methods, either to buy the subscription to the magazine or to buy the subscription of the official site.

Chapter 80 of the manga ended with close escape of Nene which left Kou, Teru and the audience pretty surprised and amazed.

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