Read Manga Online Eleceed Chapter 154 : Release Date And Everything You Should Know !!

Eleceed Chapter 154 is yet to release, the preceding chapter was very interesting. It is a Manhwa written by , it is basically a action plus comedy manga. We will share with you all the updates regarding the same.

Kaiden, who hides into the body of  cat. Jiwoo picks it as it was injured in a fights. Jiwoo loves being with cats and gives the cat a good company.

Recap: Eleceed Chapter 153

Jiwoo was tortured by enemies of Kayden. But Jiwoo was unable to fight Dark. Jiwoo doesn’t tell what Kayden’s condition wasand all the controls

Sucheon’s plan didn’t work with Jiwoo. He made a mistake by turning to attack, Jiwoo took advantage of that. In the upcming episode we will get to know that what will be the new battle about? And who will win it?

Release Date: Eleceed Chapter 154

The wait is finally over. It will be releasing today i.e. 13 August 2021 with bang on clues and answers which left unanswered in the previous manga chapter.

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