One of the most remarkable and acclaimed Japanese manga series, Dr. Stone is all set to release its Chapter 220. Written by Riichiro Inagaki, Dr. Stone was launched on March 6, 2017. As of November 2021, its chapters have been collected in twenty- three tankobon volumes. This science- fiction series won the 64th Shogakukan Manga Award for the shonen category.

Watch the review of Chapter 219 of Dr. Stone.

Dr. Stone : Synopsis

This scientific series begins with the world suddenly being petrified by a mysterious green flash in 5738 AD. But after 3,700 years, a 15- year old genius, Senku Ishigami, is suddenly revived. He finds that the human civilization has been eroding by time and so he starts his research in order to revive the petrified humans.

But 6 months later Senku finds his classmate Taiju Oki who has just woken up. With Taiju’s brawn and Senku’s intelligence, they together try to revive others. When they are attacked by lions they first revive the famous and the strongest martial artist, Tsukasa Shishio, who fights them. Then they go on reviving their classmates and others.

Read Manga Online Dr. Stone Chapter 220: Release Date, Plot And Spoiler

Tsukasa tries to kill Senku because Senku aims of creating a scientic civilization while Tsukasa’s goal is to create a civilization based on strength and power . He believed that he killed Senku and went on establishing his own faction. But Senku was still alive and he found a tribe of people. He saw an oppurtunity to create his dream scientific civilization. Senku gains the trust of the people and soon learns that the village was started by his adoptive father,Byakuya along with five other astronauts who were at the International Space Station at the time of petrification.

Dr. Stone Chapter 219 : Recap

As you all would remember that Internet had been introduced in Chapter 218 which helped them to communicate their plans to build the spaceship. This chapter Chapter 219 focuses on the actual astronaut mission. A Pilot, a Scientist and a Warrior are required for the Space Mission. The most interesting thing about this mission is that the three astronauts are going to travel petrified.

Dr. Xeno is going to decide who will be the three astronauts going on the mission. Ryusui feels that he should be selected for the slot of the pilot. Dr. Xeno feels that it will be difficult to choose one scientist as they are few who are very good . Senku wonders if Dr. Xeno will select him for the slot of scientist. Since the three astonauts will have to be petrified, they will have to go through the stamina training.

Read Manga Online Dr. Stone Chapter 220: Release Date, Plot And Spoiler

Dr. Stone Chapter 220: Release Date And Plot

Fans have been patiently waiting for the Chapter 220 to come out after being left on a cliffhanger in the last chapter. Dr. Stone Chapter 220 will be released on 28, November, 2021 . It can be read online on Shonen Jump+’s official website as well as Viz Media .Read Manga Online Dr. Stone Chapter 220: Release Date, Plot And Spoiler

This chapter will reveal the three astronauts who will be going on the mission. Tsukasa wants Kohaku to go on the mission as the warrior as he is a very capable fighter like Hyoga. Xeno will reveal that Senku, Ryusi and Kohaku will be the three heroes going on the mission.


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