Read Manga Online Boruto Chapter 61 Release Date, Spoilers And Everything You need To Know

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 60 was recently introduced to the fans. Now, they are eagerly waiting for the manga’s succeeding chapter to arrive soon.

Don’t worry!! We will share everything about the release date, spoilers and where to read BORUTO CHAPTER 61. So, Let’s begin.

Recap: Boruto Chapter 60

It was named as ‘A Place to Belong’. Shikamaru was discovering evidences regarding Code. On the office roof he saw, claw marks were diagonally present and supposed that it necessarily is Code who left symbols around. Several evidences were seen by the villagers.

Though, Shikamaru believed that claw marks are the strongest evidence, and started following it. He had other members like Naruto, Kawaki too by his side.

Trailer Preview

What will happen in BORUTO CHAPTER 61?

In BORUTO CHAPTER 61 it will be seen that How the threat among the villager of Hidden Leaf Village can be reduced. What are Kawaki’s plan about? In the upcoming chapter we will get to know more about how will Kawaki save the villagers?

Surely, Kawaki the new ninja with headband given by Naruto will be able to protect them all. And will defeat Amado. Kawaki shall choose his Karma again.

Release Date

The wait is over. You will surely get to see the upcoming chapter is just a few days . It will be releasing within 15 days  of this month i.e. in between 18 August 2021 to 20 August 2021.

Where to Read Manga Online

You can watch it on various platforms below

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