Read Manga Online Blue Lock Chapter 141: Release Date, Spoiler And Everything You Need To Know

Blue Lock: This series is written by Muneyuki Kaneshiro, it is a Japanese manga series which is illustrated by Yusuke Nomura. The series was first published in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine on 1st August 2018. The chapters were collected by Kodansha into individual tankōbon volumes. Kodansha USA has announced that this manga has been licensed for English digital release in North America from 16th March 2021. ‘Blue Lock’ has also won the “45th Kodansha Manga award” in 2021 from Kodansha USA.

How many volumes does this ‘Blue Lock’ manga is having??Blue lock

Blue Lock Chapter 141: Release Date

This manga consists overall fourteen volumes. The very first volume was published on 16th November 2018, the second was published on 17th January 2019, and similarly, all the other volumes were on fire till then. The fourteenth volume has published on 17th May 2021, and very soon volume fifteen is also coming on 17th August 2021.

Blue lock

The releasing date of ‘Blue Lock’ chapter 141 raw scans is 3rd August 2021. And one day after i.e. on 4th August 2021 it will be releasing. So, don’t miss watching it, because it is one of the supercool manga. Few sites have been recommended from Kodansha USA, you can read online, buy or download it from the given official site of Kodansha USA- Do read it and enjoy the latest chapter!!

Let’s have a quick and short look at ‘Blue Lock chapter 141, along with spoilers…Blue lock

We will see that Bachira in this chapter is giving his 100% in the game. And can this time also Isagi will manage to have a goal with the help of Bachira?

In this chapter, both Bachira and Isagi will be seen running towards the goal. Bachira with his full efforts running with the ball and when he passes the ball to Isagi, the defender tackled him. Now, what will be going to happen?? It will be fun seeing the upcoming twist in the manga, so go through the website given and enjoy it!!

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