Read Manga Higanjima Chapter 331 Plot, Spoiler and Everything You Need To Know

  • Higanjima is a Japanese manga filled with vampires and other supernatural horrific elements. This work by Kōji Matsumoto, was first written in 2002 and since then various spin-offs and adaptations of the manga have been released. It is available in the form of Anime, Manga, Movie and Game too.

Read Manga Higanjima Chapter 331 Plot, Spoiler and Everything You Need To Know

In this article we will talk about the upcoming chapter of the manga, chapter 331.

Higanjima Chapter 331 Plot

Akira Miyamoto’s life takes a turn for the worse when his older brother Atsushi, goes missing. His family falls apart and the life is not the same smooth ride anymore. He is soon informed by a girl named Rei about his brother’s whereabouts. His brother is trapped in Higanjima Islands, inhabited by the Vampires. He leaves on a quest to save his brothers, taking his friends along.

Higanjima Chapter 331 Release Date and Time

16th August 2021 is the date when the new chapter will be released. A new chapter is released every week and readers will soon after, enjoy the next instalment on 23rd August.

Japanese readers will enjoy the chapter on 16th, but the international fans might have to wait for a day or two before official english release. According to JST, the chapter will be out at midnight.

Higanjima Chapter 331 Read online

 VIZ Media and Mangaplus are the two platforms where this vampire story can be enjoyed. These two platforms might require subscription for first time readers. Their any other unofficial sites where the new chapter is available too.

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