Welcome to the AEW Dark: Elevation results page. Following a successful Full Gear pay-per-view, it was the promotion’s first show. Six matches were advertised for tonight’s broadcast, which began with two trios bouts. Dark Order took part in several matches, including the main event.

As Ruby Soho made a successful debut in front of her hometown supporters, more than one previous AEW Women’s Champion was in action. Let’s get started with the AEW Dark: Elevation findings right away.

Gunn Club vs. Nasty Russ, T-Money and Shawn Cook on AEW Dark: Elevation

The AEW Dark: Elevation premiere was kicked off by Shawn Cook and Billy Gunn. Austin tagged in after the latter struck Shawn and shoved his opponent to the mat. Cook was struck in the face by Colton, who had tagged in.

T-Money tagged in as the latter forced his way out of the Gunns’ area and unloaded on Colton. As the Gunn Club rushed their opponents, Austin tripped T-Money. In the AEW trios play, Billy Gunn delivered the Fameasser for the trios’ 20th straight win.

Nyla Rose, The Bunny and Emi Sakura vs. Riho, Ryo Mizunami and Skye Blue on AEW Dark: Elevation

The battle began with a lockdown between Emi Sakura and Riho, with the former AEW Women’s Champion delivering a dropkick that allowed her to tag in Skye Blue. They worked together to Irish whip Sakura and score a two-count with a facebuster-drop kick combo.

Ryo Mizunami joined the fight with a huge boot to her opponent’s face while Riho tagged back in with a running knee. On the outside, the former connected with a top rope crossbody on Nyla Rose. The Native Beast gave her team the advantage with a gorilla press slam on Riho, while Emi Sakura locked the latter in the Bow and Arrow.


In the corner, she hit a spinning backbreaker and a running crossbody. Riho had a near fall with a roll-up after the Bunny tagged in. Ryo Mizunami was given the hot tag and proceeded to attack all three of her opponents. Bunny was speared, and she landed missile chops in the corner.

Her near fall was earned as a result of the sequence. Skye Blue and Nyla Rose were both given the blind tag. Blue was grabbed mid-air by the previous AEW Women’s Champion, who delivered the Beast Bomb for the victory.

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