Re Main Episode 7 Release Date, Recap and Watch Online !! Will They Win ?

Re Main Episode 7 is about to release very soon. Its previous episode ‘Hey! Look this way!’ was interesting now the curiosity is maintained for the next episode.

The story is about Minato who quits his interest in water polo after he met with an incident. He wakes up from Coma and has lost his three-year memory.



Recap: Re Main Episode 6

Minato decides again to join the water polo club to achieve his promises. Takekuzu, Yutaka, and Inomata join the team but has one player less to complete in their team.

Eitaro discovers secrets about Minato the last night. Everything was going well as per the plan but then Uhimado starts thinking about something.

Club set up a training camp during its golden week. They were their win in the water-wresting game. They realize that it’s not a cup of tea for everyone though its very tough.

Release Date: Re Main Episode 7

The wait is finally going to get over !! Re Main Episode 7 will release on 22 August 2021. You can watch it on a variety of platforms mentioned below.

Where to Watch It Online?


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