Rainbow Six Siege File Size What are the Improvement Added By the Developers

Rainbow Six Seige game is a really good game for a tactical shooter game. It has received four nominations in Game Critics Award. Here I am going to tell you about the file size of this game. You need to check it before downloading the game.

Rainbow Six Siege File Size

The latest update tells us that you need a huge file size on all accessible platform.

For PC you require 60GB in addition to 35.90 GB for update taking on consoles.

For Xbox Series-S and Series- X will require 3.2 GB

For PS5 you will require 5.38GB

Why larger file size?

The main reason behind it is patch contains a huge amount of data files that reduce this game’s data footprint. This contents a reduction of disk space, the game’s build size and improves loading times.

With the reduced data footprint, the Neon Dawn update will have to renew the version of the Rainbow Six Seige map Skyscraper into the game.Rainbow Six Siege File Size What are the Improvement Added By the Developers

The map can solve the various difficulty by the time it goes live, for eg

  1. LOD issues
  2. Graphical errors
  3. Objects floating in the air
  4. Spawning issues for players

This latest update will able to solve issues with operator Aruni’s gameplay abilities. 

The changes that you can see is as follows

  • Aruni’s melee attacks will not break certain surfaces.
  • Aruni’s deployable Surya gate will not be going to destroy when on the wall
  • When the Surya gate gets overloaded then the gate will get picked up.

This update is doing a great job by fixing many bugs for other playable operators. Everything in-game is improved including gameplay, level design, user experience, etc. It shows us an overall improvement which gives us the best impression.

Even though the file size is huge but it comes with many good updates. Ubisoft knows how to keep its customers happy. Good business strategy. You are too will appreciate their new updates on Rainbow Six Seige. It will be going to a new overall experience. Check it out.

I hope it was helpful for all gamers. Don’t always complain about huge file sizes of games then usual comes will great updates which we have seen in the Call of Duty game too. Remember you need to give something to get something.

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