PlayerUnknown’s Battleground aka PUBG, a game for which players are crazy about all over the world which even recently became the highest-grossing mobile game of 2020 with $2.6 billion revenue despite the fact the game got banned in India because of the country’s feud with China. The game is doing just well in other countries and they’re making continuous efforts to give their players the best gaming experience.

PUBG server relocation, new update and more

The game is a battleground wherein a particular map has a total of 100 players jump from an airplane and there is a safe zone enclosing the area where the players land they’ve to save themselves and kill others and the safe zone also shrinks and the last one or team standing is the winner.

PUBG Servers Relocation of EU :

PUBG recently relocated its EU servers to Frankfurt, Germany. The game is doing remarkably in Europe and thus, the developers are relocating to provide the best possible connection since all the players play on the same server across Europe it should be somewhere from where the connection’s good overall they did many tests and found out Paris is the best suited as it showed the best results but they’re still to make few improvements till then the servers are relocated to Frankfurt is the second-best result.

PUBG server relocation, new update and more

New 1.3 Global update and more:

Finally, after much wait, PUBG has announced their new 1.3 Global update which a lot of newfangled features. The update can be made via APK file which is around 943 MB. The new features include new weapons, the new Karakin map, a new Hundred Rhythms Mode, Clowns Tricks gameplay, etc. The users will receive certain rewards for updating the game between March 9 and March 14.

The game also announced March 15th will be the last day for Royal Pass Season 17 and the new Season 18 will have new outfits and rewards for the Royal Pass players.

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