PUBG May Never make a comeback to India

Alongside 59 Chinese apps such as TikTok, UC Browser, and Camscanner, PUBG was banned in India, in September 2020. The ban was imposed under section 69A of the Information Technology (IT) Act.

Although, in November 2020, PUBG Corporation had announced that the game will be back for its Indian players after some modifications. Rumors have suggested that there might be chances for PUBG to make a comeback in India.

PUBG May Never make a comeback in India

Adieu to PUBG

Chances are high that PUBG Mobile India may not re-launch any time soon as the ban seems permanent. The Ministry of electronics and information broadcast (MeitY) notified PUBG Corporation that the ban is not going to be lifted. It looks like there is no way the government will be lifting this permanent ban.

Several sources have confirmed that the government is not ready yet to ease the ban on Playerunkown’s Battlegrounds. Indian Government has made it clear on several occasions that it is not ready to negotiate. The ban makes it impossible for PUBG Mobile to return in Indian market, even in a censored form.

Although, some sources have cited optimism by saying that PUBG Corporation does not have the right team in place just yet to talk to the government. Some are hopeful that the Indian Government may begin discussions with PUBG Corporation in April. PUBG Mobile is on quite a standstill, for now, awaiting positive feedback. No official announcement has been made by the government or PUBG Corporation on the re-launch of the game in India.

Relaunching PUBG Mobile India: will it be easy?

PUBG May Never make a comeback in India

Re-launching a banned Chinese app is easier said than done. To get a go, PUBG Corporation will need to meet all the demands made by the Indian Government. Due to privacy risk and violations of user security, PUBG was banned in India.

While announcing the re-launch of PUBG Mobile India, the company had promised that the upgraded and censored version of the game will prioritize the privacy policies and security of its players. The company has also asserted that PUBG Mobile India will be an improved version of the older game. It will meet all concerns raised by the government.

PUBG Corporation: the latest updates

The official website of PUBG Corporation released a teaser saying “PUBG Mobile India coming soon”. The company hasn’t made any further announcements related to the launch of the game in India.

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