Proven Ways to Fix the Black Screen on Your SmartPhone

Nowadays, Android smartphones make people’s lives easier and happier. But once its screen goes black, it will no longer be enjoyable. Has your smartphone notification light blinked without showing anything on the screen? If you face such a challenge, your black android screen is on its deathbed. That means you should try all ways possible to resolve the problem by the proper operation of that phone. A black screen can be disappointing because it is impossible to use your phone entirely, even when your mobile is put on. A damaged screen makes it hard to respond to anything until your phone returns to normal.

But the good news is that it is possible to fix the black screen on your android device. This article gives you all possible ways to solve this problem on android devices, including the Reasons Galaxy S21 screen black won’t turn on anytime the screen is damaged.

Inspect and clean your android phone

Ensure the buttons and ports of your device are not clogged with dirt. If it is, cleans your charging ports and debris as they make it hard for your phone to charge properly. You can blow the ports gently or use a wooden toothpick to remove any stuck dirt from the charging ports.

Fix any android system issue

When your phone screen goes black, you can try addressing the android system issue with the factory setting. But in many instances, you may find it hard to reset if your phone goes screen black due to system errors. In such a situation, you will need professional android system repair tools. If the particular phone has a system problem, it will be resolved to normalcy.

Wait for the battery to die and recharge your phone

In fixing an android device, once its screen goes black, you can wait for the battery to die completely. From there, charge it until it is fully charged, then start your phone to see if your problems get resolved.

Force restart

Many people consider this method to resolve the android screen anytime it goes black since it is an easy method. In most instances, the problem gets resolved. You can use different key combinations to force a restart depending on your Android device. Be sure to know the right keys to restart successfully.

Remove the battery

Battery removal is another method that works. Remove and wait for some time, reinstall it and start your phone. If it is a non-removable battery, the best way is to let the phone discharge completely and then recharge and restart to resolve the black screen issue. The method of battery removal and allowing to discharge corrects the problem in the same way.


There are numerous reasons an android phone screen goes black. This article has provided you with the above ways to fix the black screen problem on your android phone. These methods are used to fix the black screen problem for some devices like Samsung or Reasons Galaxy S21 screen black is unsure of correcting the problem. That means you have to try many methods to come up with a solution to the black screen on your device.

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