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Promote Your Business Like a Pro: Get a 10×20 Canopy Tent for Trade Shows…

Trade shows have been one of the most prominent platforms for promoting your business through some good old face-to-face marketing. Regardless of the scale of their business, every owner understands the importance of representing their companies and showcasing their products and services at such events. 

In the United States, most businesses include trade shows as a part of their marketing strategy. The best strategy is tailored to promote the business through regional and national trade fairs all the way to international trade shows.

According to survey reports by industry experts, almost 63% marketers use trade shows for generating leads and 79% of US marketers manage to generate sales through such business events. Overall, 52% business leaders have accepted that trade shows and business events drive more ROI as compared to any other marketing channel.

The secret to make your participation at any trade event a success is to design and plan your presentation. Grabbing attention and leaving an impression is all about how you present yourself. Therefore, if you are planning to represent your business at a trade show, we suggest it is best to buy a 10×20 custom canopy tent

However, before we list all the advantages of getting a 10×20 custom aluminium canopy, you must first understand the benefits of purchasing instead of renting a canopy for your business.

Benefits of Buying a Canopy Instead of Getting Rentals

Brand presentation is a priority for any growing business. However, budget is always a bigger concern when it comes to participating in trade shows. Apart from renting the floor space, trade shows also involve other costs like show services (electricity, internet and maintenance), personnel costs, travel and lodging, exhibit equipment, graphic design, shipping and other expenses like promotional items, freebies and advanced technical support. 

Depending on its scale, an event can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Therefore, it makes sense to streamline the expense budget and cut back wherever possible. It might, however, seem counter intuitive to some people to invest in buying a custom tent for your business instead of renting one, especially when you need to reduce expenses. We urge you to hear us out before you decide. 

10×20 custom canopy range starts at an average cost of $650 with additional printing options which may cost a similar amount bringing the total to $1300. As compared to this, the average cost of renting a 10×20 canopy is around $150 per day for a generic canopy tent. 

Now consider this other set of statistics for trade shows in the United States. The value of the trade show industry’s market in US is expected to cross $18 billion by 2023. There are roughly 13,000 trade shows conducted in the country every year which accounts for almost 40% of the global market. On an average, US businesses attended approximately 23 regional events, 14 to 15 national events and 7 to 8 international events every year in the last decade barring the two years of COVID restrictions. 

It is obviously not possible for any business to be present at all trade events. However, the choices that align with your industry or target audience will also be numerous. This means that the cost of owning a printed tent for your business would be recovered in less than ten events and possibly within a year. Thus, purchasing a 10×20 custom canopy will ultimately be more cost-effective. Additionally, it will also reduce the organizational hassle of dealing with rental companies for each event.

Moreover, the 10×20 custom canopy tents that are now available in the market are designed with high-quality and durable fabrics like Vinyl, PVC-coated polyester or PU-coated polyester. A custom tent that is properly taken care of can last up to 10 years. Therefore, getting a custom canopy now will leave you with more money for collateral marketing, paid promotions or any other trade show expense over the course of time.

Why Should You Buy a 10×20 Custom Canopy? 

Well! It is already evident that buying a custom tent can be a great long-term investment in a promotional product. Therefore, it is always a better idea to go for a bigger size. 

To make this decision easier for you, we have devised a list of all the features that make the 10×20 custom canopy the best choice for a trade show. 

  1. Professional Presentation –

The end game of any trade show is to ultimately attract potential clients and hold their attention. The visual representation of your brand is the first thing that any prospective buyer would register. A printed tent showcasing your logo and other business information along with promotional materials will create a more professional impact. It is also a marketing product which will last longer and can be used multiple times.

  1. All round view with larger sheltered area –

Canopy tents are particularly used in trade shows because it provides all round view to showcase all your products. A bigger tent will provide larger ground coverage. This will allow you to display more products, organize them into categories and enable your customers to browse through them more comfortably. Moreover, 10×20 custom canopy gives you a wider frontal coverage area which makes your brand more noticeable amongst all 10×10 generic canopies.

  1. Portability and Easy Installation –

The 10×20 custom canopy tent can be found in various frame options like stainless steel, aluminium and fibre glass. The latter two materials are considerably corrosion-resistant, lightweight yet strong, which has made this product both portable and durable. Furthermore, ergonomically designed innovations have created easy assembly options which requires only two people to fully erect a canopy tent. They also take very little time to install and pack up.

  1. Versatile –

Whether you’re going for regional trade fair, a national exhibition or an international event, 10×20 custom canopy will be suitable for all trade shows. Moreover, these canopies can be used at other local markets, outdoor gatherings and recreational events. You can also use them as temporary shelters if you have inventory coming in or going out as well as for other office purposes.

  1. Customizable –

10×20 custom canopy tents provide a larger canvas that can be used creatively to showcase your promotional line and marketing strategy. You can also further customise your product by adding additional features like printed side-walls, flags & promotional banners, pull-up banners, printed awnings and table covers to increase your brand visibility. Premium brands in the market offer a wide range of customisation services at reasonable costs. It is our advice that you always check out packages offered by such brands so that you land the best deal.

Getting a 10×20 custom canopy for your business is like owning a portable shop. Once you have the carry bag with the canopy tent, all you need to do is to gather your products and you can leave for any event at a moment’s notice. 

Let’s Conclude the Show!

Trade show is a very important avenue that helps you cover several marketing and sales activities at a single event. Business events help in brand promotions, public relations, image advertising, establishing network, engagement with target groups and competitor analysis.

The success of your participation in any trade show will ultimately depend on planning for the event, promoting your participation both before and during it as well as following up on leads after the event. 

 A 10×20 custom canopy tent can be quite helpful in generating more leads and attracting more customers by sheer visual impact. Look at it this way – if your stall stands out in a sea of generic rented tents; your business stands apart in the eyes of clients at the trade event. 

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