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This article contains the subtleties of the Venture Bar Blue Reddit debate and uncovered more about the Pillar Blue undertaking.

What is the Blue Shaft project? Is the Blue Bar project actuated? Where did the Task begin? Need to be familiar with the Paranoid notion of the Blue Radiate Venture? The hypothesis is circulated around the web after sightings again in UFO’s Canada, the US, the Assembled Realm, and China. Do you have any idea what it is and where we stand with it now? This Venture Pillar Blue Reddit article uncovered the association hypothesis and that’s just the beginning.

Project Pillar Blue

The Blue pillar project is a much-advertised paranoid notion that becomes a web sensation on Reddit and other virtual entertainment. Web clients are mentioning that the Task again be enacted to save humanity from an outsider attack. The paranoid idea that was evidently natural in French. This is one of the most moving subjects of the Blue Shaft Task in online entertainment for connivance masterminds. Paranoid fear has expanded an over the top hold on interpersonal organizations in the beyond couple of years.

Project Blue Shaft 2023

The paranoid notion of task Pillar Blue has again begun debate in web-based entertainment. It began in view of the sightings of UFO’s skies of the US, China, and different nations. On Saturday, eleventh February 2023, the USA warplane was shot somewhere near an unknown article.

The UFO was set down in a joined activity with the adjoining nations. The cycle denoted the resulting takedown in their blues since the serious takedown. They thought China due to the Chinese covert operative inflatable last week. Keep perusing the article to get definite data on fear inspired notions and that’s just the beginning.

What Is Venture Blue Shaft?

Project Shaft Blue is a paranoid fear conjectured during the 80s and 90s by NASA or another mysterious government-related office. The hypothesis has been wanted to execute a Trendy religion. Alongside this, the Counter Christ, the pioneer, begins Another World Request. It predominantly centers around a reproduced innovation of a second coming through 3D images.

According to sources, in 1994, the columnist Serge Monast previously guessed the charges and later distributed them in his book.

Project Shaft Blue Reddit

The columnist, Serge Monast’s book was named Undertaking Blue Pillar (NASA). The allies of the paranoid notion that Monast and another columnist name anonymous. The two writers kicked the bucket in 1996 because of coronary episodes. According to sources, the Canadian kidnapped Monast’s girl in an effort to break him from looking at Blue Pillar Venture.

Engendering of the hypothesis

The paranoid idea is generally famous on the Web. Many pages are devoted to the subject and delivered recordings to make sense of it. Writer Monast tended to the hypothesis during the 1990s. The record address is broadly accessible. Learn more Undertaking Bar Blue Reddit discussion and that’s just the beginning.

About the Task Pillar Blue Book

The ongoing distributer isn’t re-delivering the writer before the content and distribution of his book. Notwithstanding, a three-page hypothesis was written by Monast himself and it was written in his French language.


We presume that a joint venture of Task shaft blue of NASA and other Joined Countries. They utilized strong trend setting innovations to spread another religion on our planet. Observe more mechanical subtleties of the Blue Shaft Task at this connection.

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