Private Chat and Instant Messaging Web Service Hipchat Meme

Hipchat was an internal private chat and instant messaging web service. It has group chat and one on one chat feature. It featured searchable messages, video call and image viewing too. This software is available for computer having windows or Mac software.

Hipchat was founded by Garrett Heaton, Chris River and Pete Curley. They launched the first beta of hipchat in 2009, December. On March 2010, they launched the web chat beta of hipchat which allowed users to chat online through this application. Hipchat launched its iOS version in 2011. On 2017, they experienced the hacking. But soon they resolved the matter.

Hipchat Meme

Hipchat also entered in the Battle of Billboard now. This meme material was put on billboard in 101 North, after the exit of Whipple. This billboard meme of hipchat says “Y NO USE HIPCHAT?” with the face of Y NO USE face guy. Also the Slack and Hipchat Meme are in talks. Hipchat was integrated to Slack in 2019.

Billboard Hipchat Meme

Hipchat Meme

Slack And HIPCHAT Meme

Hipchat Meme

Integration Of Hipchat

Atlassian announced a partnership with slack in the year 2008. Under this partnership, Slack would acquire the codebase and IP assets of the Hipchat. And in this process, Hipchat customers were transferred to Slack from Hipchat. The whole integration and transfer process took a lot time. They finally transitioned completely in the February of 2019.

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