Prince Andrew, third child of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, was born on 19 February 1960. He is currently the Duke of York. Andrew is the eighth successor of British throne.

Prince Andrew was a part of the Royal Navy and served as helicopter pilot and captain of a warship. He worked on multiple missions during the war of Falkland, like anti surface warfare and casualty evacuation.

Prince Andrew Looks like Lord Porchester

Queen Elizabeth and Lord Porchester were good friends. Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth’s husband, was always jealous of this friendship. Queen Elizabeth and Lord Porchester went on trips together, which attracted media towards them. Rumours spread that Prince Andrew is the son of Lord Porchester. And their same looks are just addition in these rumours.

Prince Andrew Looks like Lord Porchester Know About the Controversy and The Truth

Political  and Married Life

Prince Andrew married with Sarah Ferguson in 1986 and became the Duke of York. He has two daughters with this marriage, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie. They both divorced in 1996 after their separation since 1992. This divorce attracted much media coverage.

Prince Andrew worked for UK Trade and Investment from 2001 to 2011. He didn’t get paid for this job but he got some paid trips from this. He worked their for almost 10 years.Prince Andrew Looks like Lord Porchester Know About the Controversy and The Truth

Association with Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein was the financier of Prince Andrew. Reports says that, Jeffrey Epstein was indulged in sex rackets. He got arrested for the same. He did suicide in jail itself.

In an interview, Prince Andrew stated that he never going to regret his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, for which prince got criticised and many statements were made.

Conclusion Of This Controversy

Many people believed that Prince Andrew in the son of Lord Porchester. But historians put an end in these rumours by stating that there were no romantic relationship between Queen Elizabeth and Lord Porchester. And the same looks of Prince Andrew and Porchester is just a coincidence.

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