Are you able to solve the Wordle? What is the trend? Many players of wordle have confused Primy word. Wordle is a game that can be found online. Because of its productivity and popularity, it has been the talk of town in Australia, Canada and the United States. Many people began to post about the game, which helped boost its popularity.

Please refer to Primy Wordle for more information and how to play this game.

What is #361’s answer?

An indication for the Wordle from the 15th of Juni shows that the word begins by a consonant. The Wordle has two vowels. Wordle also begins with the letter P. People were often confused because of the lack of clarity. The answer was Primo after we looked at these clues. For those who are asking about Primy definition, Wikipedia says that primy is something which is first.

How to Play Wordle?

Wordle is similar to playing word detective games. The software gives you hints and asks you to find the words. Josh Wardle is a Welsh software engineer. We have to look for the vowels and other information in the tips. You will receive six chances to find a five-letter term using clues and hints. Many people have asked Is Primy A Word? It is a term that refers to something first.

A word will be sent to you each day.

Add Wordle to Your Mobile Phone.

It’s easy to add Wordle to a mobile phone.

It is essential that you:

  • Use open chrome
  • Go to the wordles homepage.
  • Next, click or touch three dots at the left side of your browser.
  • Tap on the tab Add to Screen and confirm that you want to add it to your home screen.

That’s it. Wordle is now available on your homepage.


Although wordles are simple and easy to do, it can sometimes be difficult and frustrating. Many people were misled or confused in the Wordle. They thought Primy would be the answer. But, later it was discovered that Primo was not Primy.


We tried to explain the Wordle to our readers how it works, how it can be used, and how it can be installed. Also, we provided hints to help solve the Wordle.


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