Do you exercise to live a healthier lifestyle? Do you drink protein shakes? Premier Protein shakes might be for you. There has been a problem with this protein shake. If you’ve ever taken this protein shake, but didn’t know the latest news we ask that you read the whole article. Avoid this protein shake, especially if you are from the United States, and Canada. You want to find out why? Keep reading the Premier Nutrition Shakes 2022 Article.

Why should you avoid Premier Protein shake?

The FDA of the U.S. has recalled and removed over fifty nutritional and protein shakes from retail shelves. The FDA reported that there was microbial contamination in the protein shakes. Premier Protein shake and other products were removed from shelves.

The following products have been removed from the shelves: Glucerna (Premier Protein), Aloha (Premier Protein), Oatly (Oatly). Premier Protein Shake lovers might be disturbed to hear about the Premier Protein Remand. However, you’ll feel relieved once you hear the important news. You want to find out the truth?

Lyons Magnus LLC (the manufacturer of the products) stated that they discovered traces of Cronobacter.sakazakii bacteria in the shakes. This harmful bacteria can cause infection of the urinary tract and other symptoms. The FDA has not included the recall of Lyons Magnus products designed for children. Please continue reading the article to learn more about Premier Protein products that are subject to this recall.

List the Recalled Premium Protein Shakes 2022

More Information About the ProductUPC CartonUPC case (If sold in boxes)Lot codeBest By Date
Vanilla- 4ct (330ml)6438437145076438437147364902-2094BT8902-2098BT6902-2096BT5902-2095BT7902-2097BT6-2-20236-3-20236-4-20236-5-20236-6-2023
Vanilla-12ct (330ml)6438437145076438437139444902-2094BT 9512-2159BT0612-2160BT8-7-20236-2-20238-6-2023
Vanilla-15ct (330ml)6438437145076438437204615902-2095BT6-3-2023
Chocolate-12ct (330ml)6438437144776438437142002412-2142BT4612-2164BT66122166BT5612-2165BT3412-2143BT7-20-20237-21-20238-11-20238-12-20238-13-2023
Vanilla-18ct (330ml)6438437153516438437186420012-2100BT1212-2121BT1012-2101BT2012-2102BT1612-2161BT2212-2122BT4012-2104BT3012-2103BT6-8-20236-9-20236-29-20238-8-20236-10-20236-30-20236-11-20236-12-2023
Cafe Latte-4ct 330ml6438437166866438437166623212-2123BT6212-2126BT4212-2124BT7212-2127BT5212-2125BT7-1-20237-2-20237-3-20237-4-20237-5-2023
Cafe Latte-18ct/330ml6438437166556438437185678212-2128BT7-6-2023

These are all Premier Protein Recall2022. All products including Premier Protein Shake and others have been distributed throughout the nation. Lyons Magnus stated that the products were not recalled and no illnesses have been reported.

The Closing Thoughts

The FDA warns customers to not eat the products. They should return it or throw it away to get a refund. Click the link below to find out more about Protein Drinks-. This concludes today’s article Premier Proteinshakes 2022.


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