Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi Tells How To Ameliorate The Process Of Eldercare In Care Homes? 

With old age, people experience a multitude of medical problems. Thus, eldercare becomes a necessary process to secure and maintain a healthy and peaceful old age. Assisted living and nursing care are two of the plethora of services that eldercare provides. But considering today’s busy world, many family members find it difficult to provide these services to their loved seniors. So they opt for a care home. This is a one-stop solution, where all these services are provided to their loved ones under a single roof. You must be aware of older people’s emotional, psychological, physical, and social demands to give the best care possible. Prabhdayal Singh Sodhi delves into the world of caregiving and outlines some of the most efficient strategies to take into account when looking at care facilities.

But many care facilities do not meet the expectation level of their senior residents and their family members. These care homes need improvement. So, here are some points stated by Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi that the care facilities should consider ameliorating their process of eldercare.

●    Recruiting skilled staff:  Staff is the one whom the residents reach first for any support. The basic intention of care homes should be the appointment of caring and experienced individuals. Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi former director of Abbey Healthcare believes that the staff should possess the mental capacity to be patient while handling critical patients. Care facilities should also ensure that their care experts have the correct mix of training and experience. This will reassure the family members of the residents that someone experienced is always around their loved one.

●    24hrs availability of Doctors: Old people are prone to health-related issues. Considering their age, there is a high chance of them facing emergencies during their stay at the care facility. These emergencies may include chest pain, breathing problems, abdominal pain, stroke and so on. A doctor’s immediate intervention is very crucial in these situations. So, the care homes should ascertain the 24/7 presence of doctors.

●    Accessibility of medical equipment: In the opinion of Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi, care homes should arrange medical equipment for elderly people who have mobility issues. Equipment like walkers, wheelchairs, crutches, walking sticks and more should be in stock. This will allow each resident to avail themselves of the equipment they find suitable to use.

●    Monitoring and treating depression: 

According to Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi, a lot of elderly people face a medical condition called depression, lately at this age. The reason for this may be stressful events in their lives like losing a spouse or any family member or simply retirement. Many seniors undergo this condition just because of being short on companions. These people need medical assistance and the physical presence of someone around them, to get back to normalcy. Care homes should point out residents who have this medical condition. These residents should always be monitored by the staff to make sure that they take their medication on time. The care facility should also organise events and involve these residents in them. These events will allow the seniors to interact with people and to be an active part of the event.

●    Nutritional food supply: Every person is different from another person, similarly, every resident’s nutritional requirements are different from the other. Deficit of correct nutrients in their meals will result in the declining health of the seniors. As a result, separate dietary plans must be created to suit the requirements of each person. The plans should include items covering all nutritional needs of the residents. The timely supply of healthy meals will give the residents strength to encounter diseases.

●    Allocation of personalised space for residents:  Since every individual acquires a personal room back at their house, they expect to get the same at a care facility. Most seniors want a quiet and peaceful space, where they can independently retire after a long day. So care homes should have the provision of assigning a personal space to each of their residents. They should also offer the facility of personalised rooms where seniors will feel at home.

●    Transparency in quality of care offered:  Family members of seniors often become sceptical about the quality of care that their loved ones will receive at the care facility. Despite knowing what to expect from a care home, they want to hear the real-life experiences from the residents of the place. So, the care facilities should maintain a website where the family members of the residents will submit their reviews and feedback. These reviews will make the whole process a lot more transparent. This would help people understand the pros and cons before letting the facility help their loved ones.

These above-mentioned points, if incorporated by care homes, will ameliorate their senior care process. Thus, making them a desired care facility for the family members to shift their loved ones in.

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