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Have you heard about the posterdle? Do you know what a posterdle is? A lot of you may have concluded from the name that posterdle was an Wordle themed game. If you thought it was an actual game, then you’re right. Wordle has grown to become the most played online game across the world. Different variations of Wordle have been launched, but with various twists. Posterdle is among them.

Let’s talk about this Posterdle Wordle.

What exactly is Posterdle?

Posterdle is an online challenge that requires players to identify the title of a film simply by watching a blurry poster. The game allows you to have twenty seconds to complete your answer. People who have played Wordle as well as various Wordle similar games can be able to play the posterdle game. With the growing popularity of Wordle numerous games have been added like Absurdle, Heardle, nerdle and so on. The answer to today’s posterdle has to be “PULP FICTION”.

Posterdle The posterdle, as it’s name suggests is a game of guessing that comes with an image. The poster is blurry in the beginning but clears after the time reducing. You can stop the clock when you’ve got the answer right and then type it into the box.

Posterdle Game What is the best way to play?

Posterdle has gathered millions of followers today. There are many games similar to Wordle however they have different reasons. The strategy of posterdle is straightforward. Much like Wordle it can be played once per day. The players will get an opportunity of six attempts and 20 seconds to determine the name of the film.

  • Click the Start button and the backward countdown will begin.
  • As the seconds progress the screen becomes less blurry.
  • Click on an option to make a guess and put an end to the timer. Write the film you’ve guessed. You can select “I don’t know”.
  • If you don’t know the answer or you clicked the answer, “I don’t know”. The countdown will begin again.

Posterdle Wordle could be played once in the course of a day. You can also share your scores with your others via social networks.

Today’s postdle solution

Posterdle is an Wordle inspired game that lets players determine the film’s title. The game is simple. The game can be played online on the official website. Are you aware of today’s clue? Let’s look at clues to the posterdle of the 23rd May 2022.

  1. The film premiered in the month of October, 1994.
  2. The film stars famous actors such as John Travolta and Harvey Keitel.
  3. The title of the film is composed of two words.
  4. There are four vowels used in the film’s name.

Posterdle Wordle Answer for today isn’t too difficult. Did you find the answer? The answer to the poster of today can be found in “PULP FICTION”.


The article provides an explanation of the popular game posterdle. Posterdle is an online game that is based in the design of a poster. You can play it through the official site. Participants will be given two attempts, and six minutes. If you are a fan of films and want a game that is that is based on movies and movies, then you should consider Posterdle. Click here for more information regarding Posterdle .


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