Would you like to know how to get Polish citizenship? According to the law, there are a few common ways of acquiring citizenship. It may be passed via the right of blood or via the right of soil. Before you consider taking part in the Polish citizenship application process, you must prove your strong links to Poland and its beautiful nationality. In today’s article, we will focus on this issue and let you know who is eligible for citizenship in Poland. Check it out!

Ways of obtaining Polish citizenship

Becoming a part of the Polish nation seems very beneficial to those who once decided to move to Poland. As a holder of citizenship, you get a chance to live, work and study without any restrictions. What’s more, you also gain the right to pass it to future generations. The main thing is you need to confirm your eligibility for citizenship at first. Once the outcome is positive, you should apply for Polish citizenship or lodge a motion for its confirmation depending on the type of your case.

What are the ways of acquiring citizenship in Poland? As we mentioned before, Polish citizenship is passed via the right of blood which means an individual derives it by birth from parents. The second way is citizenship via the right of soil. The principle only applies to a child born or found on the territory of Poland whose parents are unknown or stateless.

Do you know there are a few more options to get Polish citizenship? Here they are!

  • By full adoption – applies only to a child under 16.
  • By descent – an individual may confirm his Polish roots and based on that take part in the Polish citizenship confirmation process.
  • By the Grant of Polish citizenship – a foreigner can be granted citizenship as soon as he proves his strong connection with Poland.

We would like to focus on the last two ways of obtaining Polish citizenship.

How to get Polish citizenship through ancestry?

The process of Polish citizenship confirmation only applies to a foreigner who is of Polish origin but still does not have his nationality confirmed. What does it mean? An individual who has at least one Polish ancestor may apply for citizenship, but before he starts the whole process he needs to prove his eligibility. It is crucial to point out evidence that citizenship was not lost on the way. We completely understand it seems to be complicated. If you are pretty sure your family members once held citizenship and at the same time you have documents confirming their connection to Poland, you are in a great position.

In some cases, it may be needed to conduct research on citizenship across archives in Poland and not only. Of course, you do not have to look for any evidence on your own. The Polish Citizenship Experts are here to help you. Go to Polish citizenship by descent – FiveToEurope.com for more info.

The Grant of Polish citizenship – Is it easy to obtain citizenship by naturalization?

Being a fully-fledged citizen of Poland brings many benefits and most importantly for your spouse and children as well. We decided to mention it on purpose. Polish citizenship may be granted to any foreigner at his request. The President has the power to issue the decision on citizenship application which means he decides which factors indicated in the motion are sufficient enough.

Is there any list of requirements to be met by a foreigner? Not at all! If you live in Poland, speak the Polish language, support the culture or run a business here, there is a huge possibility for you to become a citizen of Poland. To make the Polish citizenship application as smooth as possible you should indicate in the official motion the evidence of your strong connections with Poland.

Regardless of which process you take part in – Polish citizenship application or citizenship confirmation – you need to follow the rules adopted by law. Once the process comes to an end, you become a citizen of Poland and the European Union. Do not forget to register your family members and apply for a Polish passport.


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