“pokemon go twitter” Latest Update

Pokemon Go is a reality mobile game that is developed by the collaboration of Niantic, Nintendo, and the  Pokemon company. The game is designed for IOS and Android devices. Mobile devices with GPS are used to locate and train virtual creatures. The game is free of cost.

"pokemon go twitter" Latest Update

The game Pokemon Go has really fascinated the world. The game allows the users to roam around and catch the Pokemons. Twitter has gone crazy about the game.

The Season of Legends

The game is announcing, new features on the social media. Season of Legends is soon  going to be started in search of the Legendary Pokemon. The time is set from 10:00 am  on Tuesday March 9 to March 14, Sunday 8.00 am.

These Pokemon that will be appearing will be Diglett, Nosepass, Roggenrola, Drilbur, Magnemite, Baltoy, Aron, and many more. If luck is with you, you may get a shiny Nosepass. These pokemon will be mainly attracted to Incense: Nosepass,  Alolan Diglett, Roggenrola,  Magnemite, Aron, Lairon, Beldum,, Drilbur, Alolan  Geodude,  and much more.

These Pokémon will be hatching from 5 km Eggs: Magnemite, Nosepass,  Beldum, and Drilbur. Aron, Baltoy. The Pokemon which will be appearing in one star raids will be Drilbur, Ferroseed, Nosepass, Roggenrola, Alolan Diglett, and Klink. Graveler, Magneton, Skarmory,  Metang.  Alolan and Graveler will be appearing in three -star raids.

The Pokemon Go team is also giving instructions to be aware of the surroundings, and follow the guidelines by the health department, while playing Pokemon Go. The team also informs that the coming up events may change. The team Pokemon Go also asks,  to follow them on social media for latest updates.

Pokemon Go Twitter tour Kanto Bonus Event

Niantic has announced a Pokemon GO tour: Kanto Bonus event so as to make up for the flaws that happened during the original event. Some trainers who had not purchased a ticket were given access to the ticketed portion of the event. To make up for this, the paid ticket holders are given a chance to participate in a bonus event. The players will get, 30 ultra balls, a lure module, a poffin ,a super incubator, a lucky egg, and many more ,if the event is completed in the given time period. A free bundle with three remote paid passes will also be available. The task has to be completed by April 5,2021. These are some of the latest updates about the game Pokemon Go.

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