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The article concerns Point Frederick Kingsto in. Get all the details of the incident which occurred close to RMC college. 29 April, around 22:00 Am.

Did you know about the tragic accident that occurred on Point Frederick? Four people died in the crash, classified as cadets from the school Royal Military in Canada. The incident was first reported at 22:00 after 2:00 pm. Many people are looking for the names and details of the deceased victims of the incident. The accident happened on Friday night in the vicinity of the campus of the college.

In this article, we’ll provide all the detailed details regarding Point Frederick Kingston’s accident. point Frederick Kingston accident.

Information about the Accident

A car accident occurred on the 29th of April, 2022 at 2 am in Point Frederic around RMC. The vehicle was submerged by the waterand was inhabited by four RMC students. RMC college. Ontario coroner’s officers as well as Kingston police were on this scene, and put the dead body into the van, which was near to the RMC’s Fredrick Museum Fort.

Frontenac Paramedics ensured that the four boys received treatment at the site of the accident however, no one was admitted to the hospital. According to the Whig-Standard police, they stated that Kingston officers are on the scene of the accident to help Forces National Canadian Investigation Service The agency for investigation.

Kingston Whig Standard

According to The Kingston Whig-Standard newspaper, the cadets were killed when their vehicles crashed into water. Emergency services were called to Drive point Frederick at 2:00 am to save the vehicle that was crashing into the water. The college’s commandant, Josee Kurtz, identified the four boys as fourth-year Cadets Andrei Honciu, Andres Salek, Jack Hogarth, and Broden Murphy.

Commodore Kurtz declared that the whole RMC community is devastated due to the tragic loss of four officers who were cadets. CFNIS is looking into the issue with the help with the assistance of Kingston police. Further information regarding the incident is expected to be released in the coming days, according to the police. This Point Frederick Kingstonaccident is at the infancy phase, and no additional details are available at the moment.

More information about Kingston Accident

The incident close to RMC killed four military students in the midst of their studies. Two of them were students who attended RMC college. The vehicle was spotted in the river after having left the road, per the report. The vehicle was driven to it’s location on the St. Lawrence River. This vehicle is identified with a dark color and cranes of yellow color were raising the vehicle off the river.

In the year 2000, Jack Hogarth, Andress Salek Andress Salek Andrei Honciu had begun their training to join the army. One of the guys of that Point Frederick Kingstonaccident, Broden Murphy, wanted to be a controller in the in the aerospace industry. He graduated from RMC.


The article goes into detail about the incident that occurred at 2:00 am on the 29th of April. The victims were identified as being students at RMC college. The investigation is taking place. The information regarding the accident is provided in this report. More details will be made available shortly. Go to this page for more information about the Whig-Standard accident. .

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