PlayStation CEO confirms PlayStation VR Releasing soon For PS5 Launch Date,Price and Many more

PlayStation VR  is coming to PS5, very soon. Great changes are expected in the performance and interactivity .Sony has announced a new PSVR system, that is far more better than the earlier in every way.

The new headset will have higher resolutions, but won’t be wireless. The headset will be  connected to the PS5 using a single cord. The headset won’t be launched in 2021, as there is a lot more to done to get a new VR system.

When will PlayStation VR 2 be launched?

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan said that, although PlayStation  has got belief in VR, a PSVR2 headset cannot be expected for another two years.  When Ryan was asked, will it come this year, he answered that it won’t. When asked, will it come next year, then also, his answer was no. But he told that it will come in some stage.PlayStation CEO confirms PlayStation VR Releasing soon For PS5 Launch Date,Price and Many more

Ryan continued to say that PSVR will have a completely new format.  Ryan also added that, Sony has got complete belief in VR, and that they don’t want to give any speculations at the moment.

Hideako Nishino, Sony Interactive Entertainments senior vice president of platform planning and management has recently made hints in an interview that, he would like PS5 to get a VR  experience, that is apt for PS5. He also commented that, he cannot disclose any further, but he is looking forward to it.

Although, we don’t have any official confirmation for PSVR2, we can rely upon Jim Ryan’s suggestion that it may take another two years for another headset  iteration from Sony.

What will be the cost of PlayStation VR 2 ?

The present cost of PlayStation VR starter bundle is $200. But this affordable price was obtained after the price dropped several times. We cannot expect PSVR2 for a cheap price.  This new headset will be having some advanced technologies incorporated in it, so as to be compatible with PS5. Better display quality and doubling the screen count, will certainly hike the  price.

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