Platinum End Episode 13 Delays On Release Date And Other Details

Platinum End is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tsugumi Ohba which has been for quite some time now on the manga list of many fans for some years now. You can watch the manga online on anime websites for free now. You can watch a short video on the series below.

Platinum End Episode 13 Plot

The main plot says About a boy named Mirai Kakehashi a young orphaned high school student who lives with an abusive aunt and uncle after the death of his parents. One day Mirai decides to attempt suicide as he cannot take any of these anymore but gets saved by a guardian angel called Nasse who also gives special powers to Mirai.

Platinum End Episode 13 Delays On Release Date And Other Details

Upon later learning that his uncle and aunt are responsible for the death of his mother and father due to jealousy and hatred towards them so she tries to take revenge using her powers. this part is only the beginning of the story the story continues after this which is quite interesting and you will love to watch it.

Why Delay in episode 13

This anime gives us many reasons to watch one of them being because the story comes from an author who gave us the famous anime death note. Some suggest this anime gives poor execution of the incredible plot. Several people want to watch it because they want how this anime end want to see.

Platinum End Episode 13 Delays On Release Date And Other Details

As for the delay, there are a lot of anime delays this year-end due to new year celebrations so you have to wait an extra week to watch the anime this year as it releases on 6th January 2022 or 7th according to your region. Crunchyroll also gave us confirmation that the episodes won’t be delayed more further. So be ready to have a blast this new year with new episodes dropping just afterwards.

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