Pfister 811 GTA V, Worth to Buy: Know Everything About Pfister 811?

GTA V has the best cars, from sport to muscle cars , from Sedans to Super cars, and the fastest super car with the record of 132.50 mph is the magnificent Pfister 811 GTA V .The car was launched during the Pfister 811 week event in 2016 with the new update Further Adventures in Finance and Felony.

Pfister 811 GTA V

The car is super smooth and the beautiful design is taken from Porsche 918 Hyper-car and the name is also taken as reference to Porsche 911. The price for this beauty is $1,135,000 , which is pretty great deal for a supercar ,it can be brought from Legendary motors. It overall has a light body , great acceleration because of the crazy power engine. It was claimed that 811 is the third fastest car in GTA but after being tested it resulted to be the fastest.

pfister 811 GTA V

Furthermore, the car can be customized exquisitely, the engine of the car sits at the back of it which also gives the car a great look. The car has sleek body and great cornering speed which makes it great for drifting and the car if perfect if you like racing cause of the top speed and compatibility. Although, the traction of the car isn’t good but if you’re a good handler and with this accelaration you can make it work. The car looks exactly like the real life Porsche it is a great deal with the features it provides.

pfister 811 GTA V

This is a car that you should definitely have cause the experience of driving a lavish super car with this speed is bonkers.

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