Students love custom writing services. Why wouldn’t they? Essay mills can be a great option if you don’t have the time, skills or time to create a paper by yourself or just want to make the most of the opportunity to see your crush at this party. A few bucks can get you almost any writing task done by a professional writer in a matter of days or hours. is arguably the most highly praised custom writing service Reddit users and students all across the US are talking about.

Is it that good? What are its main features and specialties? Is PaperHelp safe and reliable? Are PaperHelp’s praises for individual service approaches true? This PaperHelp review will help you find out.

The Key Features Of The Paper Help Writing Service

Let’s begin by taking a look at PaperHelp. This is a long-established, well-respected custom writing service, used by students all across the country. PaperHelp is often deemed to be one of the top academic assistance companies.

The Fundamentals

The three pillars of PaperHelp include academic levels, types of services and types of papers.

The supported types are divided into three categories. They include custom writing (crafting papers from scratch to meet your needs), calculations / problem solving, and editing / proofreading which corrects and improves texts you provide.

There are many types of academic papers . There are many kinds of essays: term and research papers; reports, reviews; case studies; business plans; proposals; speeches; articles and blogs. These papers can be ordered along with a lot more by selecting the type from the drop-down menu. This is also true for certain tasks, such as Q&A, presentations and online lectures to summaries, exam notes, capstone project, admissions and application essays. Resumes, cover letters, personal statement, etc.

PaperHelp can also create papers and complete assignments for the following academic grades: high school (12th Grade), undergraduate (2-year Programs), bachelor (any Bachelor Program) and professional (Master’s and Ph.D. Programs).

PaperHelp can create, edit and complete almost any type of academic paper. This includes programming and trendy computer science. Doesn’t that sound pretty simple?

The Specialities

PaperHelp’s unique features are not just the core elements. They also contribute to PaperHelp’s popularity among students.

For instance, super-urgent deadlines. For papers of around 800,900 words, the minimum timeframe that you can see on the order form is three hours. However, there are many customer reviews that claim loyal customers who place multiple orders and have relatively small orders may be able to get this amount of work completed within 1.5 hours.

PaperHelp has three customer categories that customers can choose from. Basic writers are automatically assigned without any extra charge to the order’s cost estimate. Advanced and TOP writer categories are available, but they are only available to complete orders if you request them. Naturally, you can ask for your paper or assignment to be completed by an expert who has already completed one of your orders.

Other services. These are features that you can add to your user experience. You can choose VIP customer service and text messages, ask for a Turnitin or Standard plagiarism report, get your paper edited by professionals, or add an abstract, graphs, tables, or table to your contents.


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