Open World MMO RPG You Must Play

The best MMORPGs is the kind of game, that lets you find out vast worlds with the help of friends and foes. Narrowing down of  MMORPG games can be a challenge because of the diversity between them.

Here are some of the biggest and popular titles, and some which are not so popular.

Open World MMO RPG You Must Play

Riders of Icarus.

The game is available on PC. Riders of Icarus takes the idea of collecting pocket monsters and gives a very interesting twist. This makes all the creatures get into mounts, which are central to character progression.

Defiance 2050.

Defiance 2050, is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC . The game features classes and power trees.

Black Desert Online.

BDO is a game that has taken complete advantage of the long life span of most MMOs and has improved over time.

Revelation Online.

Revelation Online is a current bumper crop of games, which provides the option to choose tab targeting style or dynamic action combat.

Secret Worlds Legends

Secret Worlds Legend’s most strong feature is it’s dedicated storytelling. The Secret World also focuses on a handful of quests at a time, with clearly defined objects.

Star Conflict.

This is a space sim MMO, and is compared to the giant niche Eve Online. The game is entirely free to play.

Age of Wushu.

The game stands out by virtue of the unique premise. Age of Wushu is a beautiful rendering of age and setting.

World’s Adrift.

The popularity of crafting mechanics makes its way into MMOs with alarcity.  One of the best examples of the phenomenon is skyship building, and grapple-hooking.


The game strives into many typical MMO systems, and allows players to change the class of character at any time.

Lord of rings Online.

The game has been expanded and updated throughout its existence and includes transition to a free play model.

These are only some of the games in the list and many more are there.

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