1) FocoClipping

is an online image editor that allows you to easily modify the background color and remove unwanted items. This background removal tool can transform ordinary images into artistic masterpieces. FocoClipping can remove the background in less than three seconds. FocoClipping is totally free. Below are some of the benefits to using this resource.


  • FocoClipping background images are free for standard images. However you will need credit in order to get high-quality results.
  • It is easy to use because of its intuitive layout.
  • You can use this tool to remove background images from more than 30 images at the same time.
  • You can easily change the background or alter the color with this online bulk BG erasing service.
  • It is able to detect the subject in a shot and make adjustments to the background in just three seconds.
  • How to use it The guides have been shared by the authors to show you how to reap the many benefits of this incredible background-removal tool.

Bulk Background Remover

Bulk Background Remover is one FocoClipping’s most useful features. The background can be removed in batches by clicking one button. You will need to upload multiple photos at once. Each image can be downloaded at once.

It can remove background from up to 30 photos simultaneously. This will eliminate all tedious and repetitive tasks, leaving you free from stress!

  • Useful workflow for batch

You can upload photos and also erase background images. Waiting for unfiltered images will allow you to edit photos that you have already cropped. This saves time and speeds up the workflow.

  • High-efficiency batch editor

FocoClipping eliminates tedious work by offering bulk functions for cropping and adding backgrounds. Our expert editor allows for even more precise image processing. We offer a range of cropping options to suit different e-commerce sites. With just one click, online store users can instantly obtain product photographs.

  • Batch downloading feature

You can choose from many background colors and crop individual photos simultaneously. After that, you can download the cropped images as a group with just one click. All downloaded photos will be automatically placed into separate folders according to their size and background color. This allows you to save a lot time on your list items.

Notification: Credits only needed for images to be downloaded when using the bulk option, or when downloading High Quality results

Final Verdict:

FocoClipping ranks among the top online image editors. An easy-to-use, fast and reliable picture background eraser. You can easily download all images with a single click.

2) Canva Pro

This year has been quite productive for the Canva crew. In 2022, they released a series of additional enhancements that pushed the online image editing tool to the forefront for designers’ considerations. This is not the realm of DIY bloggers.


  • This is a wonderful feature that allows you to exclude background pictures.
  • The majority of users continue to use the free version. However, Canva’s Pro Edition unlocks more editing options like:
    • Swapping
    • Take out the background of an image.

Final Verdict:

Canva is an effective tool to remove the background from photographs. It can also be used for most graphic design jobs.

3) Remove.Bg

Use Remove.bg quickly to remove any background image. Any image can be easily removed from the background by simply dragging it to your main page. The new background will replace it with a transparent one.


  • This online image editor is easy to use.
  • bg does a fantastic job at identifying both the background and foreground objects within a photo.
  • It produces accurate results due to its high level of consistency.
  • This makes it one the most effective and precise automated background-removal tools.

Final Verdict:

It’s one of the most popular online image editors that can quickly and efficiently change a background image.

4) Icons8

Icons8 is a platform that allows designers to create design elements and edit images online. Icons8 also offers a free background tool which can be used by both marketers and designers.


  • You can use the online background image editing feature of the platform to edit any of the downloadable images.
  • It has high ratings and a magnifier that allows you to see the differences in every detail.

Final Verdict:

You can use this online image editor at no cost. However, you will need to register for images that exceed the first three.

5) Background Burner

Background Burner failed to achieve perfection in his first attempt at creating the image. The first product from Background Burner’s online image editor is not really outstanding.


You can select the parts you want to remove or the regions that you want to retain by clicking on the “touch-up” button beside the best image. This will take to an editor page. It is a tedious and slow process. Background Burner is the worst of these tools.

Final Verdict:

This online photo background remover isn’t the most reliable and productive online image editing software.

6) Pixlr

The Pixlr app produced a first result that was okay, but not up to our standards. Pixlr allows you to manually adjust any AI-induced imperfections.


  • Editing tools are easy to use and don’t require any previous experience.
  • Click the Upload Image button to change the background quickly and easily.
  • You can quickly whip up stunning marketing images with these tools and other user-friendly options.
  • Pixlr has all of the functions that high-end desktop programs have, including crop, color adjust and filters. Business owners and marketers will find it functionally equivalent.

Final Verdict:

This background-erasing online tool offers a competitive price.

Clippings Magic

While clipping magic initially gave better results than Pixlr in the beginning, it was difficult to modify the photos using the UI. The online image editor has difficulty recognizing subtle variations in texture and hue. Any mistakes made by the user (or the image editor) must not be rolled back, since there is no way to undo them.


  • It is superior to pixleronline image editors.

Final Verdict:

Clipping Magic may have a lot of bells & whistles but it isn’t as precise as the best background-removal image editor on the market and not worth the price.

8) Inkscape

Inkscape is an excellent online image editor that’s well-organized. While it may not have all the features of more expensive software like Photoshop, Inkscape can still handle most background removal tasks.


  • You can think of it as Photoshop, but with a much lower learning curve.
  • It is possible to use it for various lighting effects such as shadows and highlights.
  • This online editor offers several options, including clipping, intersections, tracing bitmaps, node editing and difference.
  • These options will help you to edit any photograph, regardless of how difficult it might be.

Final Verdict:

Clipping is an essential tool for cropping background images. While it doesn’t actually remove anything from your picture, it dulls the effect.


FocoClipping was found to be the most reliable online tool for removing background images and enhancing image quality.


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