One Piece Chapter 1022 (Who Will Win The Battle?): Release Date, Spoilers, Watch Online, Latest Updates!!

“One piece” is an Eiichiro Oda series of Japanese manga. This manga has been on the show since July 1997 in the weekly Shōnen Jump. And its single chapter is compiled into 98 volumes of tankobon by February 2021. There is no dought that for two decades this manga is winning its fan hearts. One Piece

About “One Piece”

The story is about a monkey named ‘ D.Luffy’, a boy who gained properties of rubber after eating a Devil’s fruit. Luffy explores the Grand Line in a search of “One Piece” which is the World’s ultimate treasure for becoming the next king of pirates.

One Piece

‘Pirate King’, Gol D. Roger was known to sail the Grand Line who was the most infamous but powerful. When he was taking his last breath, he revealed about the “One Piece”, the largest treasure. What will be next, you have to read the chapters for ending your suspences.

One Piece Chapter 1022 release date
One Piece Chapter 1022 (Who Will Win The Battle?): Release Date, Spoilers, Watch Online, Latest Updates!!

You can legally read it from sources- Shonen JumpViz Media, and MangaPlus Platforms, or you can also read it from official platforms so that your device can be safe and will help creators too.

According to industry insiders, firstly it was releasing on 15th August 2021, Sunday but now the date has changed and is releasing on 22nd August 2021(expected date).

Predictions and Spoilers of One Piece Chapter 1022


We will be seeing the latest updates on Luffy and Momonosuke. Meanwhile, Oden’s son asked Shinobu to use her ability and turn him into an adult, also to free Wano Kuni.

After highlighting the battles, “One Piece” 1022 will be showing the battle between Big Mom and Supernovas’ Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kid.

Fans can see spoilers between 17th to 19th August. And the Raw Scans can be available from 20th August, and English subtitle Raw Scans can be seen from 21st August.

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