Marketing Strategy plays an important role in the product’s success. Some of the marketing strategies fail but some of them make us surprise. There we are going to talk about Obama O’s cereal for morning breakfast.

Description of Obama O’s Cereal

American ex-president Sir Obama is a well-known person. Having his name on a cereal box may have to get credit a bad name but it doesn’t. AirBed & Breakfast got an award for best marketing promotion related to the election. This is so cool.

obama cereal

In the package of AirBed & Breakfast, you get two boxes of cereal pictured of Obama and McCain. Not just we can see physical boxes, we get two catchy jingles for each cereal, and a Webpage where we can vote for the cereal we prefer.

In Obama O’s cereal,  at the front, you see “Hope In Every bowl” is written and on the back “Breakfast of Change.” Obama O’s cereal jungles are considered as more catcher than McCain.

obama cereal

The success of this cereal 

The main aim was to promote across the country to put up get-out-the-vote volunteers for each campaign. Each box costs 39$. This cereal was a great hit at that time which helped the founders pay off more than $25,000 in credit card debt.

obama cereal

Even the company was not making any good revenue then Gebbia and co-founder Brian Chesky get inspired 2008 presidential election lead to Obama O’s and Cap’n McCain’s cereal box.

Now, these cereal boxes are considered collector’s items. They only made 1,000 boxes of cereal by hand. All their hard work had paid them. The Obama O’s sold out and its result in making $30,000 off the cereal stunt. Due to this Cereal, Airbnb is in over 191 countries and was valued at $31 billion in 2017.

On an NPR podcast, Joe Gebbia said that –“You know those binders where you keep baseball cards? I had one of those except there weren’t baseball cards in it, they were credit cards.”

“We would go through Visa after Visa, to MasterCard then finally to AmEx, just maxing out credit cards.”

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