The Oakton Car Accident article provides a detailed timeline along with details of the investigation.

Which county has the highest concentration of tech jobs? Which place is the best to live in?

Fairfax is the right answer. Fairfax can be found in Northern Virginia in the United States. However, this article will focus on the unfair Oakton Car Accident which occurred in Fairfax.

What has happened?

Two Oakton School teenage girls died in a traffic accident on June 7, 2022. The crash occurred around 11.45am at the intersection Five Oaks Road, Blake Lane, Fairfax-county. Officials from the police said that the two vehicles involved in the accident were a BMW sedan and a Toyota SUV.

The pedestrians that walked through the intersection were made up of three teens. A BMW driver was driving at a high speed, and he lost his balance and crashed into a Toyota. It caused such a strong collision force that the BMW crashed back, and it smashed into the Oakton teens.

Oakton High School

Oakton School was only a quarter-mile from the scene of the fatal accident. The Fairfax Public Schools owns this high school which is one the most highly rated public schools in Virginia. They have created many talented athletes as well as intellectual students.

The car crashed into the teens as they were walking along the sidewalk. The accident occurred because the BMW car bounced back. Oakton School released the information to its students and staff. Oakton School Principal Jamie S. Lane offered his condolences and sympathies to the family.

The fatality

The Oakton Car Crash was an accident that resulted in six deaths. The accident site was immediately attended by police officers, who quickly expedited the hospitalization process. Three were seriously injured on the accident scene, while 3 other people suffered minor injuries. Two teenage Oakton School girls were taken to the hospital and died shortly after. The hospital is still caring for the other high schooler.

Fortunately, both the BMW’s driver and passenger sustained only minor injuries. The BMW car’s teenage passengers fled from the accident site.

The accident scene

The BMW car’s high speed was the main reason for the Oakton Car Accident. According to Major Eli Cory of Fairfax County, the white BMW was speeding along the Blake road and collided with the SUV when it turned to the right. The BMW collided with the mailbox and three Oakton School students.

Further evidence is being sought by police officials who are on the scene of the crime. Official news sources indicate that police have also gathered information about the escapees from the accident scene.


Although the Oakton Car Accident gave the required information, this is only the second incident that has occurred in this area. Two weeks ago, a car collided with pedestrians and an 83 year-old woman died. The driver was charged with reckless driving. Police should still take action against him.


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