O and E 5 Letter Words 5 letter words that include O and E

This article covers O HTML5 Letter Words, which will help players and learners with their online word games.

Are you trying to find 5-letter words that include O and/or E? You’ve landed on the correct page. Words with constants and vowels help to quickly find accurate answers in word games like Wordle online or Scrabble.

Scroll down to find new words that are interesting and add them as a dictionary. To give you a cool word set, we covered O and HTML5 Words. You can read the entire article for more information!

5 letter words that include O and E

  • Abode is a name for a home or a house. It’s a place where you can live.
  • Adobe-Multinational company for computer software
  • Alone, or with no one present
  • Awoken – When you wake up from sleep and regain consciousness
  • Boned is the act of removing bones from meat prior to cooking, serving or selling it.
  • Begot-to produce or cause. The process of reproduction is used to bring a child into being.

5 Letter Words That End in ER have been covered so far. Learn more

  • Below- At a lower or beneath layer
  • Bogie – A cart or trolley that looks like it is a low truck, but on 4 wheels
  • Bonne- a nursemaid or housemaid, often of French descent
  • Bottle- A container that is used to store liquids
  • A bow is used to play a stringed musical instrument.
  • Broke- This is the past tense or break. Also known as broke, someone who has run out all of their money.
  • Avoid something or someone by quick, sudden movements

5 letter words that end with ER

  • Doper- A person who regularly or habitually uses illicit drugs
  • Bower – An attractive retreat or dwelling. It is also known for its shelter, which is made from vines that have been twined together from a tree.
  • Chore-tasks that are performed regularly, mostly in the household. This is both a necessary and tedious task.
  • Bored refers to feeling bored. Someone’s activity is cut off if they lack interest.
  • Chemotherapy is a treatment that combines drugs with powerful chemicals to kill fast-growing body cells.

O and E 5 Letter Words

  • Choke to retch or gag to gag, if you have difficulty breathing due to an obstructed/ constricted throat or a lack of oxygen,
  • Clone-is the generation of identical or nearly identical populations cells, or the creation of asexually reproducing organisms by one organism.
  • A gathering of individuals with similar interests and activities, called a coven


We researched more than 45 words containing O and E letters, some ending with the letters ER. This article includes examples and explanations to help readers comprehend the new words.

This article is useful if you enjoy online Wordle games and Scrabble. Would you like to share more E and E 5 letter words? Please comment.

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