Newprofilepicture com App What is the New Profile Picture App?

This article discusses the App, and provides additional details.

Is the New Profile Pic App going viral Worldwide too exciting? You will notice that posts on all social media platforms (including Twitter) are flooding in claiming the application is a scam.

A warning was also issued to all Facebook users about the possibility of data being snatched and stolen by the app. We will be discussing app and other details.

What is the New Profile Picture App?

First, let’s clarify that the New Profile Pic App is an app developed by Informatics Laboratoryies inc. They are the same company who also created apps similar to Toonarts and others.

The app uses AI facial recognition technology to convert photos into new art and cartoons. The image can be shared on social media. Continue reading for more information.

However, both the and App names are wrong. Instead, the application name is New Profile Pic App. It is also available in the Google Play store. In the following sections, we’ll be providing more information about the application as well as other details.

Why are the New Profile Pic Apps so popular?

Sources indicate that many users use the app Worldwide to update their profile photos. The app is becoming increasingly popular on the internet. However, few people are aware that this app sent information to the Russian company, including their facial dimensions. Aside from that, the app uses AI technology for finding key points on images and creating a new version. App . – Get More Details About The App

Google Playstore is offering the app under the name New Profile Pic App. It’s called NewProfilePic picture editor in Apple’s App Store. Informe Laboratories Inc. created the application.

However, Linerock Investments is the company that registered the app. It is located in Moscow, Russia. Jake Moore, Global Cybersecurity Advisor states that the affiliation between the app and the website is still unclear.

Website does not redirect to the application’s website. The app claims to gather user information and send it to Moscow, which is located close to Russia’s Ministry of Defence. The app is not recommended for use.

Final Conclusion

Each application offers a unique feature which becomes viral. But, users are also exposed to malicious activity, where their security information and data can be stolen.

This warning applies to the App, which experts believe to be a scam. It is best to not use it. You want to find out more about the app and the reasons it is being featured in the media? Read

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