Nearshore Case Studies

Nearshoring is the process of a company moving its operations or outsourcing them to a third party that is relatively close to its location. The geographical proximity, less than three hours away, differentiates nearshore from offshore outsourcing. Nearshore software outsourcing is slowly replacing offshore outsourcing because it offers many benefits like increased control, saving time, and data security. More companies in the US and Europe are choosing nearshoring. Companies that would like to follow in their footsteps can study cases of companies that have implemented nearshore software outsourcing. The following are excellent examples of nearshore case studies:


IBM has been a leader in the software industry for decades. They, too, saw the benefits of nearshoring and implemented it in their projects. This case study involves the development of their retail platform to provide SaaS (software as a service) meant for pricing and promotion of markdown technology to their clients worldwide. A division of IBM could not hire people fast enough for the project, which is where nearshoring came in handy. Developers in Latin and North America were quickly enlisted for the project to help support IBM’s US operations. The result was that IBM’s SaaS business promptly grew from generating $ 5 million to $ 65 million a year by supplying solutions to many Fortune 500 companies.


Dropp is a startup company that provides swift and convenient delivery services to e-commerce businesses. The company wanted a technical strategy to optimize scalability and security while using best practices for software development.

The first stage involved developing the strategy, which involved consulting several experts in service delivery, infrastructure, and quality assurance. The experts developed a sound strategy by ensuring their technology use aligned with their business goals.

The second phase involved assembling a nearshore development team to deliver the proposed strategy. The team developed software architecture, technical strategy, and the timeline for Dropp to deliver products to their target market. The nearshore team continues to work with the Dropp team in quality assurance to ensure their strategy’s delivery and ongoing success.


MobiTV is an online streaming service provider that wanted to quickly identify errors in their application so their service could swiftly rectify them and still deliver services within a short time. The product was a performance monitoring system that would reduce the downtime between the errors and solutions. By decreasing downtime, they would limit any server issues causing global outages of MobiTV services.

The solution was to find nearshore developers to provide server engineering maintenance quickly. The result was that MobiTV had a nearshore Network Operations Command monitoring team that reduced the downtime, so issues were resolved within three minutes of the initial error.


Cisco is an international digital communications software company. Their IronPort division has security appliances in data centers all over the world. The company wanted help monitoring virus activity in real-time, quickly script virus definitions, and deploy updates to various IronPort devices worldwide. Cisco wanted to promptly identify errors in their applications and a nearshore team that would correct them, deploying the fixes in a small window.

Over 5 years, a nearshore team of 35 security engineers and quality assurance professionals worked with the Cisco security department to ensure virus definitions were updated within 20 minutes of finding new viruses and deploying them to thousands of appliances in all international locations.

Many more case studies of nearshoring exist today by many companies. MobiTV, IBM, Dropp, and Cisco are a few examples of nearshore case studies with positive results. Nearshoring helps quickly resolve issues, especially when urgent. By seeing the results of the above case studies, you should at least consider nearshore outsourcing for your firm.

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