Everyone is looking forward to the next thrilling episode of My Hero Academia. On the other hand, my Hero Academia Chapter 323 has been postponed and will be released regularly next week. Let’s take a look at all you need to know about My Hero Academia 323 in this post, including raw scans, release date in English, and spoilers. #mhaspoilers

Spoilers of My Hero Academia Chapter 323

Deku is discussing how he wants Tenya to set him free with his classmates, but he realises that he no longer has the will to fight his buddies. When Ochaco activates her Quirk, the two start to fall, but Kirishima is ready to capture them. Kirishima claims that he discovers stories about a boy who saves one of their friends from a Villain in the past and wonders whether he is that boy. Tenya is relieved that Kirishima has arrived to apprehend them, and she realises that Endeavor is to blame. Mina encourages Deku to return to U.A. High so that they can continue to attend school together.

my hero academia chapter 323

Deku stated that he plans to do so, but his presence will endanger everyone in his vicinity. Bakugo steps in and asks Deku if he remembers what he said about Tomura Shigaraki’s demise. Bakugo advised Deku not to act alone and win this one, and Deku responded that he had forgotten everything. He communicates his feelings toward Deku. Bakugou believes Deku views them as weaklings because he goes out alone to battle the strong adversaries, attempting to appear like a true hero. He also discussed how he could overcome Deku and the same dream they’ve had since childhood.

Release Date and where to read My Hero Academia Chapter 323

On August 22, 2021, My Hero Academia Chapter 323 will be released. Unless the manga is delayed, the latest chapter of My Hero Academia will be released every Sunday. Manga spoilers are provided during the week, two to three days before releasing the most recent chapter.

my hero academia chapter 323

Officially, My Hero Academia Chapter 323 may be read online at VIZ and Shueisha’s Manga Plus. The chapter is available for free, but just for the last three. Make sure to support manga to help the creators and publishers improve. Let’s get together on Sunday when the new chapter comes out. The manga has been postponed, but it will be released on Sunday.

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