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Murano glass picture frames are the right solution for Home Decoration

Venice, the capital of the Venetian region, has 250,000 inhabitants but hosts around 8 million tourists from all over the world annually. It is one of the most stunning and picturesque cities and it is known for its very long history dating back to 25 March 421, for its magnificent buildings and churches in the Italian Gothic style, and for its geography. There are many imitations everywhere, in memory of the beauty and uniqueness of this city, showing how Venice is an extraordinary city and how much it is loved all over the globe: in Dubai, Las Vegas, China, Disneyworld and others.

The Venetian lagoon has 62 islands, and Murano is one of the most renowned, thanks mainly to the well-known Murano Glass. The glass is attentively crafted by the Master Glassmakers, using techniques handed down over many centuries. The most commonly used procedure consists of blowing into a pipe to allow the molten glass to take the shape the glassmaker desires. They have always been inspired by the style of Venice and their surroundings, and because each composition is individually handcrafted, one can never be identical to the piece previously produced; this gives Murano glass products their uniqueness and high value.

So, what better way to frame a special souvenir photo of Venice than with a Murano glass frame? On our Yourmurano website, as well as many other products of every type, style, color, and purpose, in the Glass Picture Frames section your eyes will be enchanted by the splendid frames created in our furnaces. In every color and style, our picture frames will add an even more lively and friendly touch to your rooms. These frames can also be an excellent gift for any occasion, with their bright colors you will certainly make a good impression. Every purchase you make on our site is safe and truthful, thanks to the trademark placed on each product attesting its origin and the kiln where it was created. Our experts will pack your purchase by hand with glass-specific materials such as expansion foam to ensure a damage-free delivery.

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