How to Catch Someone Cheating through Text

Texting is a fast, efficient, and discreet way to communicate. However, unfaithful partners may use instant messaging apps to converse with their clandestine lovers. That’s why it’s vital to utilize a cheating text app that informs you whenever your spouse sends or receives suggestive text messages on their phone.

In this article, we’ll explain how to catch someone cheating through text.

How to Catch a Cheater Using Text Message Monitoring Apps

If you’re wondering whether your spouse is cheating on you, it might help to use powerful spy software to read their text messages. eyeZy is a popular tracking app that monitors all text messages that are sent and received by your target user.

eyeZy provides a variety of features that can help you expose your cheating partner. These include:

  • Text message monitoring. eyeZy allows you to read both incoming and outgoing SMS messages and social media chats. This remarkable app can provide access to your target user’s Facebook tracker, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram, Instagram, Viber, Kik, and other instant messaging apps.
  • GPS location tracking. eyeZy also has a built-in GPS tracker that shows your partner’s live location on a map. This geo-tracking feature helps you check whether they’re in the office when they are supposed to be. It also reveals everywhere they’ve been throughout the day.
  • Keywords alerts. This effective cheating text app monitors the websites your partner visits and the keywords they use when doing online searches. It also sends you notifications when they search for peculiar stuff such as “fancy restaurant recommendations” but never invite you for romantic dates together.
  • Access to the device info. eyeZy can track the status of your target device to reveal whether your spouse’s battery is really dead when they say it is. You’ll also view all the Wi-Fi hotspots they frequently connect to.

Cheating Signs That Should Make You Suspicious

If your partner suddenly starts spending more money than usual without any valid explanation, then you should investigate whether they’re seeing someone else.

Other telltale signs of infidelity that you should look out for include:

  1. They’re secretive with their gadgets

If your partner changes his or her phone’s passcode or becomes overly protective of their device, then they’re definitely hiding something. People who act secretively around their spouses are most likely cheating.

  1. They become hard to reach

Another revealing sign of infidelity is when your partner’s phone goes unanswered for hours. They may also start acting emotionally detached. In such cases, using a cheating spouse text reader app can help you discover if they’re having an affair.

  1. Their schedule changes drastically

Although some careers require that people put in extra hours, partners who suddenly start arriving late from work are most likely cheating. An unfaithful spouse will also make up excuses to avoid spending quality time with you, especially on weekends.

  1. They get defensive when you confront them

Cheating partners may start evading simple questions or shifting blame towards their spouses. They’ll also pick fights over inappropriate issues.

Other Methods You Can Use to Catch a Cheater via Text Message

Other than using eyeZy, there are a few tactics you can use to read a cheating partner’s text messages. These include:

  1. Taking their phone under false pretense

This method simply involves skimming through your partner’s text messages while they’re busy or distracted. If you’re unfamiliar with their device’s passcode, request them to unlock it for you. You could make up a convincing excuse to use their cell phone. For instance, tell them your phone died, so you need their phone to call.

Unfortunately, you’ll have very limited time to go through your spouse’s messages. They may also grow suspicious of your real intentions.

  1. Catfishing them

Catfishing is a risky technique that can worsen your already tense relationship. To catfish your partner, you can create a pseudo-social media account and begin a conversation with your spouse. Ask suggestive questions like whether they’re dating and observe whether they’ll flirt with you.


Spying on your spouse’s text messages using an effective text monitoring app such as eyeZy can help you gather damning evidence of their infidelity. Once you unearth what drove them to cheat, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about the future of your relationship.


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