Movies for Escape Room Fans

Do you like the concept of how escape rooms make you consider and solve problems? Searching for something more that will keep the vibe going on? You see, movies are an excellent option. There aren’t a lot of movies with actual escape rooms in them, but a few have the same themes as escape rooms: being stuck in a remote place, lost for unknown reasons, and facing death if a countdown clock hits zero.

We love escape rooms because they give us a thrill when we figure out how to get out. If you are among the public searching for fun things to do associated with escape rooms, here are some of the best movies to watch!

Movies To Watch For The Escape Room Fans

  1. EXAM

It sounds like an Escape Room: eight candidates, one hour. Even though they don’t have to, the candidates take the test independently. Is it that good of a job? The candidates must figure out the answer before the clock hits zero by following a strict set of rules. But what is the question?

The exam is an excellent story about characters, how people act, and a mystery confined to a room and a company that is even more secretive than the characters themselves. 


The name of this movie is “Escape Room.” If you’re still unsure if this movie is for you, just read about what happens: “Six strangers get stuck in a deadly maze of mystery rooms and have to use their brains to get out.”Just imagine what does if that doesn’t sound like a plot that goes above and beyond real-life escape room. On a side note, check out: www.foxinaboxseattle.com to experience the most thrilling escape room encounter ever.


If you love Escape Room, this thriller movie must be a watch. Here a woman and her daughter hide out in the safe room of their new home when their home is broken into. Overall, the reviews for the movie are pretty good, and the story of two people trapped in a room should appeal to people who like escape rooms.


One person in one room and one computer that can see everything. Can he outsmart the computer system that is supposed to keep him locked up? We see glimpses of this man’s past, so why is he in jail? How did he get here? As he starts to figure out how the computer works, he can answer all the questions. The biggest question is why this man is here and whether or not he is innocent. How will he stay alive is the big question.


We see how far the government will go to find out what people will do to stay alive by following a psychiatrist to her new job. In this cruel experiment, the challenges are timed, so the people taking part have to kill each other or face the consequences of the room. Will the psychiatrist let the experiment go on, and is all this pain and suffering worth it?

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