Smite is free online  MOBA and ARTS game which is developed by Titan Forge Games and it is published by Hi-Rez Studios. The game is presently available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Players have the freedom to choose from a big selection of playable Gods. The other choices are immortals and other creatures from ancient mythology.

Each character has got their own styles in fighting and many different unique abilities.The  arena combat is session -based and mostly have 5 players against another set of  five players.

Monstercat Smite Battle Pass Release Date Confirmed: How to Get Know More.

So if we say abot Smite, it is an online battleground of the Gods. Players can choose from a diverse cast of deities. They can choose their unique powers to triumph over the opposition.

Smite is a new aprroach on the MOBA genre, the third person perspective of the game puts the players into the mode of the battle. In this the players are using the control and support, instead of clicking the mouse.

Monstercat Smite Battle Pass Release Date

Smite has revealed details about the upcoming Monstercat Battle Pass. A new battle pass is announced on the official Twitter page of Smite. They showed off four major skins for the featured Gods in the collection. This is expected to be released by mid May.This battle pass can be purchased for a standard price of $15.

You can explore the map and defeat the NPC enemies for increased gold and buffs. Then you can deny the victory of your opponents, with perfectly timed stuns and ambushes.

The  two teams which compose of one to five players, fight to defeat their enemies in several  battlegrounds.

The Battle Pass : Details.

The Battle Pass system was first introduced on February 11, 2019. This pass allows the players to unlock the skins, chests and other rewards. Completing the matches will grant Battle Points or BP. You can receive a reward at every level up.

A new battle pass will be released every 8 weeks.

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