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3D printing is one of the greatest innovations that anyone can enjoy today! In recent years, 3D printing has developed significantly. It can now perform crucial roles in many applications, the most common applications being manufacturing, architecture, custom art, and design. It can vary from fully functional to purely aesthetic applications. Traditionally, it was challenging to get a 3D printer because they were costly massive machines. Still, nowadays, you can quickly get the best 3D Printer online and enjoy 3D printing in the comfort of your home!

Factors to consider when choosing a 3D printer

Build volume

How much build volume do you need? You’ll need a printer with a large build volume if you want to print out large parts in a single print. Large build volume is usually directly tied to the machine’s price, so a larger printer will cost more. Printers with a 100mm cubed or less build volume are considered small, 150 to 220mm cubed are average, and 250mm inch cubed and above are regarded as large.

Bed leveling

Manual or automatic bed leveling? Leveling the bed of a 3D printer is an essential but very annoying part of the process. The best 3D Printer should have auto-leveling capability, which saves you most of the work.


What materials are you using for printing? If you’re buying the best 3D Printer, you’ll want to use the best filaments for 3D printing so you can get good printouts. However, some substances require higher temperatures that only some Printers can achieve. 

3D Printer Noise

3D printer noise is a huge factor. No 3D printers are entirely silent, but the best 3D Printer should remain quieter than others. Likewise, physical setup can contribute to the noise level. 

Printing Speed

The speed of 3D printers varies. Typically, resin printers are slower than their FDM counterparts. Speed might only matter a little if you’re merely printing for fun. However, 3D printing speed may be more of an issue for business purposes. For smaller print jobs, higher rates don’t usually impact the quality of the printout. But for larger prints, faster speed might come at the expense of fine details and cause problems such as vertical banding or ringing. Snapmaker offers the best 3D Printer that you can set faster speeds without compromising print quality!

3D Printer Connectivity Options

Before you start 3D printing, you’ll need to send a 3D digital file to your Printer. The best 3D Printer should have a convenient way of sending files which can be accomplished through various methods. Most 3D printers can be connected via USB cable. Additionally, the best 3D Printer, e.g., Snapmaker, offers wifi connectivity which eases file transfer.

Snapmaker offers the best 3D printers that consider the above factors. Here are some of the fantastic features of Snapmaker 3D printers


Snapmaker 3-in-1 3D Printer unlocks your full potential, from 3D printing to CNC carving, laser engraving, and cutting. It is faster, larger, and more powerful than ever with everything you need.

Low noise level

During standard printing, the Snapmaker 3D printers have a low noise level of about 50 dB(A) which is classic home or office noise. So, you can comfortably set the printer in your living room or study and check the print in real-time.

Modules & Add-ons

Thanks to its modularity, Snapmaker 3D printers can be personalized with various modules and add-ons. For a greater level of applications, we have Enclosure, Rotary Module, Emergency Stop Button, CAN Hub, and Air Purifier available now. And there are more to come.

Auto Leveling

To make bed leveling less tricky, Snapmaker developed Auto Leveling. An induction sensor can probe the bed in a grid and apply mesh-based compensation that ensures you print on a level bed every time, all without complicated operations by yourself.

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