Minecraft Latest Update: Everything You Need to Know

Minecraft is one of the most popular expanding universe games from Mojang Studios. The latest Minecraft update Minecraft Dungeons ‘Flames of the Nether’ is an action-packed game. It has six new missions in new and exciting biomes. You will also get the chance of winning the new artifacts and weapons.

Minecraft is like sandbox games and is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One.

Everything we know about Minecraft Dungeons ‘Flames of the Nether’

Minecraft Latest Update: Everything you need to know

We are excited for the latest updates from Mojang Studios. The new game has six new enthralling missions, where the players will have to defeat new enemies from Nether. Players can access new artifacts, gears and weapons.

The downloadable content (DLC) for the new Minecraft update is available for UDS 5.99. This DLC would be the biggest free update ever for the Minecraft lovers.

Minecraft: New features

We also get a free update along with the paid DLC which has exciting new features.

Ancient Huts

Ancient Huts are the rousing addition in the new update. The players will have to use sacrifice items and enchantment points to play Ancient Huts. An exciting gift awaits the players. If you face Ancient Huts and win against the ancient mobs, you will get brand new Gilded gear.

Gilded Gear

Gilder Gear are the most powerful items to be added in the latest update. Gilded Gear are mega-rare items with an added enchantment slot. Players will have to play Ancient Huts to achieve this item.

Gold Currency and Piglin Merchant

Get ready to pay a visit to Minecraft’s pig-headed mobs. Piglin Merchants are the gold lover creatures. The Piglin Merchants establish a small shop from where the players can obtain exciting items by trading their gold.

The newest Minecraft update looks fun and we cannot wait to get our hands on it.

Minecraft Dungeons Flames of the Nether: platform, cost and DLC

Minecraft Latest Update: Everything you need to know

The Flames of the Nether will be included in the £14.99 Season Pass. Alongwith, the Howling Peaks, The Flames of the Nether will be one of the four DLCs that will be provided. It will also include two other DLC that is yet to be released.

The game is available on all the major consoles. PlayStation has also been working on its first-ever cross-platform title. Worry not players, if you do not own the downloadable content, you will still be able to access the host and play the missions if the host owns them. Even if you don’t have the DLC, you can still get new gear. If you want to play the challenges in your game session, you’ll need to purchase the DLC.

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