LisaRaye McCoy is an American actress, fashion designer, model ad businesswoman. She is popularly known as LisaRaye. She worked and is famous for her role Diana in a 1998 film The Players Club.

She started her career as an actress in the year 1995. She got fame for her role in The players club movie. She also appeared in some big movies like All About You, The Wood and Go For Broke. She did many shows and television. For the 70th City classic parade and football game in Birmingham, she became the ambassador.Michael Misick And Lisa Raye

Michael Misick And Lisa Raye

Lisa and Michael got married in the year 2006. Lisa married with Michael while thinking that she has the potential to fall in love. Michael was the then chief minister of Turks and Caicos. She married with Michael in the hope to fall in love. But soon she realised her mistake and said that she didn’t recognise the man she’s married to. They both divorced after three years of their marriage, 2008.

Michael Misick And Lisa Raye


Michael Misick

Michael Eugene Misick was born in 2 February 1966. Misick is a member of progressive national party in Turks. He became the CM when his party got two seats in by election.

Michael Misick And Lisa Raye


In the year 2008, the allegations were put on Misick was that he have built up a multi million dollar fortune since the year he was elected, 2003. In 2007, he also suspected for a rape case. But lastly, both the allegations against him were proved wrong. In 2012, he was arrested while he tried to leave to Sao Paulo. The arrest warrant was issued by governor Ricardo Lewandowski. His trial continued till 2019-20 but got postponed because of the COVID-19 situation.

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