Michael B. Jordan As Black Superman : In HBO Series is Showing Positive Signs of Being Underway

Superman has been an integral part of the superhero culture since the childhood days of most people, and it’s incredible to see how the character has grown from a figment of someone’s imagination to a fully fleshed-out character on which there have been based comics, TV shows, movies, and games. What’s even more noteworthy is that the character has had multiple iterations, particularly in the comics, and this along with its transcendence across multiple forms of media is a testament to the popularity of the character and the cultural impact it has created.

Black Superman: The HBO Series is Showing Positive Signs of Being Underway

The Black Superman iteration of the character is a very racially woke representation, however, unlike the classic iteration, has not reflected a very prominent presence in more mainstream and conventional media of the 21st Century. The good news is that this void may just be filled, as over the last few weeks there have been speculations flying around regarding Micheal B. Jordan’s Black Superman series, which is said to release on HBO Max once it’s past the production phase. Here’s all you need to know about this revelation that has started making headlines.

What Will The Source For The Series be?

Black Superman: The HBO Series is Showing Positive Signs of Being Underway

The series is reported to base itself around the Val-Zod incarnation of Superman. The origin story of this incarnation is rather tragic; after the execution of his parents by Krypton’s court, he narrowly escapes the decimation and destruction of his home planet. He makes it to Earth 2, where he spends most of his childhood isolated and suffering from agoraphobia. He is eventually taught how to use his powers by the Red Tornado. As of now, it is not confirmed whether the series would stick to this origin story or create a new one of its own, as has been observed with movies such as Joker.

What’s The Status of The Making of  Black Superman Series?

Black Superman: The HBO Series is Showing Positive Signs of Being Underway

When reports of the series just began to surface, there was a lot of ambiguity surrounding whether the project in question would be a feature film or a series. This ambiguity didn’t prevail for too long, however, as it became clear soon enough that a series was underway. The series is currently only in its preliminary phase of development, and there aren’t many details relating to its production, except that Michael B. Jordan will be producing and potentially starring as the titular character, and that an unnamed writer has been onboarded for the purpose of the series’ script.

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