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On Tuesday, Britain’s Tom Dean won the Men’s 200m freestyle gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics, defeating teammate Duncan Scott. Dean came back from a 50m deficit to set a new national record of 1:44:22 minutes. Duncan Scott, a British teammate of Tom Dean, won silver with a time of 1:44:26 minutes, while Fernando Scheffer of Brazil won bronze with a time of 1:44:66 minutes.

Hwang Sun-woo of South Korea took the lead early and set a world record in the 100m, but he faded as Dean and Scott made their move in the closing 50m.

Tom Dean and Duncan Scott’s words after winning Men’s 200m freestyle

men’s 200m freestyle

Dean commented after winning the gold medal in the Men’s 200m freestyle that he knew it would be a dogfight and that he had no idea how the other competitors would swim. He went on to say that he has no words to express his gratitude for the triumph and that he owes it to his Mom, family and girlfriend.

Along with Dean, Scott claimed that Tom was incredible and that he owed him a tremendous deal of respect, and that competing against him was a terrific experience.

Dean’s views of participating in Men’s 200m freestyle in the Olympics

men’s 200m freestyle

Tom said he wasn’t sure if he’d even make it to these Olympics six months ago because COVID has impacted every athlete’s preparation, but it hit him harder than most. He caught it twice, once in September and again in January, claiming to be the first British Olympian.

The second time he got COVID was the worse since he was sick for ten days, then kept inside in isolation for a month and unable to train. It took him seven weeks of winter training in total. Tokyo seemed a long way away in those isolated moments in his flat, even if it was only a 12-hour flight away.

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